Ethics: Stop Sponsoring World Vision Children?

What would you do Wednesday!

Consider the recent World Vision fiasco in light of a fellow Christian friend who wants to cut-off support to the three children he sponsors. When the news of World Vision’s policy change hit social media you reached out to a friend you highly respect. Since he is not big on social media so he does not often get breaking news within Christendom right away.

The two main reasons you asked for your friend’s opinion is: 1) he is one of the most faithful Christians you know who is always present on Sundays, actively shares the gospel and always helping others; and 2) he sponsors children through World Vision.

You text your friend the article that explains World Vision now accepting “gay Christians in same-sex marriages.” He texts you back that he is highly disappointed – heartbroken. He calls to talk and it seems he has made up his mind. He says:

We have been sponsoring 3 children through World Vision for 10 years now. I know they are not a perfect organization, but to ignore and affirm sin like this is…I just can’t support them anymore. As soon as we hang-up, I am going to send my wife a message telling her to cancel our World Vision account. We will move our support to Compassion International.

What would you say?

  • Encourage his decision.
  • Show empathy, but ask him to consider the children.
  • Or…

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1 Dan Fethkenher (@Fethkenher) March 26, 2014 at 11:00 am

I sponsored a child through World Vision for about 10 years, until my was too old to sponsor according to them. Just before this happened (about 5 years ago) i decided to look into what they and Compassion believes their missions to be. I never saw ONCE in WV’s entire website that they plan on sharing the gospel. It was all about humanitarian issues. I couldn’t even conclude if they were a Christian organization or not! I thought about stopping my sponsorship and switching to Compassion (who i had raving reviews for via my research), but i ultimately decided against it only because of my sponsored child. Who would sponsor Leah if I leave her? I’m glad i held in there, but would NEVER go back to WV.

As far the above scenario goes, i would say my friend needs to do what he feels best after i give him my story. No condemnation either way. And I will continue to advocate Compassion International for the amazing work they do.

2 EAJ March 26, 2014 at 6:27 pm

Today Vision International back tracked and apologized asking for forgiveness and changed back to their old policy. I am glad about this. But given some things Stearns has written I am skeptical how long this will last. I think folks should absolutely see through and continue their sponsorship of a World Vision child until they graduate from the program. But I would advise a person to closely scrutinize other organizations like them before giving to them. And to continually monitor the organizations policies after that.

As for Compassion International, over a period of many years I sponsored two children with them until they came of age and I can at this time recommend them. But after the last child graduated out of the program I decided I needed to investigate other ministries. And I think folks should really consider what the missionaries in their church denominations are doing instead of these huge organizations. Support “your” missionaries seems to me to be what a church body is called to do.

Right now I am skeptical about my churches direction, that’s another story, so I haven’t sponsored anyone specifically for many years. But in the midst of learning about this WV decision I happened across the Bryce House ministry and it deeply touched my heart, especially in the way it was reaching out and helping widows in Africa with a very practical thing – building outdoor latrines and showers in their villages. Something they have never had before. The health concerns here were addressed with such and such a practical thing I take for granted all my life. That moved me, especially since I am also widow myself and have been well looked after because of my husband’s foresight and financial arrangements.

So maybe this WV debacle will cause folks to stop and think about where they place their support and in whose hands it is placed. Perhaps they will look out their front door and see they can do more things with their money right there in their city.

3 Mark Lamprecht March 27, 2014 at 9:10 am

Dan, thanks for sharing. I think it would be a tough decision to stop sponsoring a child even though the money does not go directly to them as it does at Compassion Int’l. I agree the friend in the above scenario must prayerfully follow his conscience.

4 Mark Lamprecht March 27, 2014 at 9:17 am

EAJ, thanks for the thoughtful comment. We have been with Compassion now for 7 years (I think). Thanks for sharing about Bryce House. You may also want to check out

That said, I agree on the local church/denomination support. I think Christians should always start with their local church.

5 keijo August 6, 2014 at 7:10 am

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