Ethics: Syrian Refugee Family Moves Into Your Neighborhood

What would you do Wednesday!

There is a lot of division over whether or not the United States should receive Syrian refugees who have been driven from their homes by ISIS – radical Islam. While there is some balance in the discussion, much of debate seems a black and white, yes or no response. Like it or not, some of the refugees are being settled here in America.

What if a refugee family moved into your neighborhood?

You have just finished reading news reports that there is a vetting process in place that attempts to ensure the refugees are not radicals and will be good for society. The vetting process is thorough and may take up to two years.

Then, you read about how the vetting process does not have much to go on other than the person themselves because, understandably so, there are no records from their former countries. Yet, another report notes several that several who have come through the vetting process have turned to ISIS to participate in their terrorism.

You are then informed that in the next two weeks, a Syrian refugee family is being moved into your neighborhood.

How would you welcome the family?

  • Tell them to go home!
  • Ignore them and leave them alone.
  • Welcome them and try to invest in their lives, etc.
  • Or…

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1 Tim Way December 16, 2015 at 10:10 am

Try this: Take them a hot meal or a freshly baked pie. Ask if you can help them with anything they need. Help them move in and unpack. Offer to baby sit their children while they unpack. Tell them you are glad they are there. Stop by a week or so later and see how they are doing. If they need transportation, offer to take them to the store or the doctor. Give them a list of community services and organizations. Listen, listen, listen. In short, be a friend.

2 Mark Lamprecht December 16, 2015 at 10:38 am

I like it! Good ideas to reach out and welcome the family.


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