Ethics: Thanksgiving Dinner is Terrible!

What would you do Wednesday!

Thanksgiving Day is upon us once again. This is a time of year most people will share a meal with family and friends. Thanksgiving dinner is normally a great time of food and fellowship.

But what if the food at your Thanksgiving dinner was terrible? Imagine this…

You are at your first Thanksgiving dinner with your new spouse and both of your families. Your spouse’s mother is hosting and has done most of the cooking at her insistence.

Your spouse has bragged about their mother’s delicious cooking!

So you can’t wait to dig in. The anticipation alone makes you more hungry by the minute. Finally, it’s dinner time!

As you dig in, you realize something is not quite right. Your own mother sitting across the wide table sends you a text message, “Is there a problem with the food or is it just me?” You think to yourself how the turkey is very dry, the macaroni soggy, and the rest of the sides taste like they came out of a salt factory. You text back, “It’s not you!”

Bottom line: The food is terrible!

What would you do?

  • Eat, smile, and say thank you.
  • Eat, smile, and express how great everything tastes.
  • Buy your mother in law a Julia Childs cookbook and ask where she learned to cook.
  • Or…

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1 jaciscully November 25, 2015 at 5:49 pm

Eat, smile, say thank you, and do not under any circumstances disrespect your mother’s work and selfless efforts by badmouthing the food behind her back.

Or maybe that’s because I do the spread now.


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