Ethics: Would You Tell Muslims They Are Passing Out Anti-Islamic Books?

What would you do Wednesday!

Today’s scenario is based on a recent true story of a Mosque giving away anti-Islamic books. Actually, they were giving away a Christian book meant to help evangelize Muslims. Let’s see what you would do.

You are with a group from your church at the yearly local festival. The festival provides a place each year where local businesses, groups, religious organizations, etc. set-up booths to meet the community. The festival also has live music, food, arts and crafts for sale. There are also many giveaways.

Your church has a booth with the intent of sharing the gospel, meeting folks in the community, and introducing the church. The booth is giving away books on the gospel and a few items for kids.

You notice a booth from the local Mosque and decide to go meet the Muslims tending the booth. While introducing yourself and saying hello, you notice they are handing copies of the Qur’an along with another book.

One of the Muslims you are talking to hands you a Qur’an along with The Ambassador’s Guide to Islam. You notice that the extra book is actually a Christian book that helps evangelize Muslims because the church uses it in one of their evangelism classes.

Do you tell the Muslims about the book? What would you do?

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