Free Book Comparing the Methods of Charles Finney and John Nevin of Promoting the Gospel

Free on Kindle eBooks right now: Theology Drives Methodology: Conversion in the Theology of Charles Finney and John Nevin by  Karl Dahlfred.

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This looks like a very interesting book. The description states that Dahlfred examines the different theologies of Finney and Nevin and explains how their beliefs affected their methods of sharing the gospel.

Finney’s beliefs led him to use high-pressure revival meetings to induce conversions. Nevin’s beliefs led him to emphasize preaching, catechism, and pastoral care as the means that would produce conversions through the everyday ministry of the local church. Which man’s methods were correct? Your answer to that question all depends on what you believe about God, man, conversion, and the nature of the Gospel itself.

Chapter Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Religious Change In Early Nineteenth Century America, And The Lives Of Charles Finney And John Nevin
  3. The Nature And Means Of Conversion In The Theology Of Charles Grandison Finney
  4. The Nature And Means Of Conversion In The Theology Of John Williamson Nevin
  5. The Views Of Charles Finney And John Nevin On Conversion, Compared With Each Other And Scripture
  6. Implications Of Finney And Nevin’s Theology, With Application For The Contemporary Church

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1 Andrew Wencl July 26, 2012 at 11:52 am

I picked this one up too.


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