Free Hip-Hop Mixtape from Reach Records

There is a hip-hop (rap music for you older folks) movement that is reaching places with the Gospel that the traditional church has not gone. Much of the music is filled with deep theological lyrics that shame much of modern praise music. I’ve pointed out two examples of such lyrics in the past. One on the Trinity and salvation. Another praising the Triune God with biblical references.

Reach Records is one of those organizations leading this theological Hip-hop movement. I’ve mentioned Reach before promoting their very creative website that presents the Gospel. Sometimes they offer free downloads like this one: Free Mixtape – Barakaology. Check it out!

What else is cool is that Reach Records is moving here to Atlanta.

Today marks a major announcement in the life of Reach Records and ReachLife Ministries. This fall we will be relocating our headquarters to Atlanta GA, and forming a strategic partnership with a local church plant called Blueprint Church.

I know that everyone doesn’t appreciate Hip-hop, but I grew up on it. I used to do some mixing. I would even “scratch records” in my college dorm and people would come by to listen.

Even if you don’t appreciate this style of music you can atleast pray for these Christian brothers and how God is using them. Even James White who was “the white pasty bald Scotsman in the middle” got to fellowship with some of these men. How encouraging for unity in the body of Christ!

For the Kingdom…


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1 Bill August 11, 2009 at 10:33 pm

Thanks for the heads up! I ‘ve been following the reach brothers for awhile. The thing I love about them is they continue to grow and you can tell it in their music.

2 Mark Lamprecht August 11, 2009 at 11:04 pm

Great to hear. I love what these brothers are doing!


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