Freedom From Religion Foundation Shuts Down High School Football Game Prayer

Haralson County High School has been praying before football games for 50 years. Frank and Sarah McIntyre, parents of a Haralson County football player, complained that the prayer was unconstitutional. The McIntyre’s, who claim they are not atheists, were surprised that a larger than usual crowd attended the football game after prayer was removed.

TALLAPOOSA, GA (CBS ATLANTA) – For more than 50 years the Haralson County High School Rebels have been praying before football games over their public announcement system.

For the first time since the prayers began all those years ago, the loud speaker was silenced. In their first home game against Bowdon things were a lot different. The changes came after a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation was sent to Haralson County Schools Superintendent Brett Stanton.

The letter, dated Sept. 19, 2011 asked the district to stop praying over the loud speaker because it was violating the constitution.

According to the letter, signed by, Stephanie A. Schmitt, a lawyer for the foundation, it read; “First and foremost, it is illegal for a public school to organize, sponsor and lead prayers at public high school athletic events.”

Read the whole thing: 50 years of prayer stopped after school receives letter

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1 BDW September 14, 2012 at 10:47 am

It seems a little unfortunate that it took an atheist group to point out to this school that this practice is unconstitutional. Actually, my guess is the school already knew this. A little thing called Santa Fe ISD v. Doe (2000)….


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