Friday Favorites 03/09

My new timeline – I recently updated the blog Facebook page to the new timeline format since I was going to be forced to anyway. It’s growing on me.

A Baptist defeats gluttony – Amazing story of Baptist professor Mark Rathel’s 180 pound weight loss. I last saw Mark about 1.5 years ago. I didn’t even recognize him.

Baptist theology past/future part 1 & part 2 – James Leo Garrett, Jr. shares some interesting historical insight concerning Southern Baptists. Part 2 has an interesting note on the recency of dispensationalsim. Note: I am not endorsing the other articles on the site.

PAP – James Anderson offers a A Christological Argument Against the Principle of Alternate Possibilities. I.e. “PAP: S is morally responsible for doing A only if S could have done otherwise.”

Trust worthy prophets? – Sharon Lindbloom asks the question of Mormons trusting their past “prophets” concerning issues such as the past view of black people in general and their banning from the Mormon priesthood.

Morality and hate speech – Kirk Cameron responds to the outcry over his comments on homosexuality from his “Piers Morgan Tonight” interview.

Allah provides young boys – Jared Moore shares an old interview of Michael Horton asking Sam Solomon what the Qur’an teaches about homosexuality in paradise.

Allah vs. Yahweh – Joe Carter answers the question on whether or not Christians and Muslims worship the same God. Hint: They don’t.

Cheap Kindle book– This looks like a great book on the Trinity. Our Triune God: Living in the Love of the Three-in-One by Philip Ryken and Michael LeFebvre. (A few other great deals: Baker Bible Handbook, Trevin Wax, James Hamilton)

A free book – William Birch is giving away a copy of Arminius Speaks. Today is the last day to enter for those who want a chance to read what Arminius actually believed. Note: It’s not an easy giveaway as you have to think for your entry.

Free Christian hip-hop – Jin has a couple of free downloads. I just discovered Jin and so far I’m digging his music. Listen to one of the tracks below.

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