G3: Paul Washer – Penal Substitution – The Core of God’s Saving Plan

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Pastors raise your hands.

He read a passage about being established. He said he is blessed to be here and to hear these men preach. Some of the best in the ministry. He says pastor, if you are faithful you are worth your weight in gold.

Pastor,  He will come one day…and you will see…your labor was not kn vain.

The entire ocean in a cup of water. All the sand of the sea in a tiny sand box, when you talk about Christ.

Young reformers don’t understand. They talk about Jesus, but they need all these little things to make it work. I don’t want a group of reformers to take my place who spend all their time scheming rather than on their knees in prayer.

He says when I do my preaching I am always Ezekiel. And i am always talking to a valley of dry bones and I let the power of the Holy Spirit work.

If you build a church and write a book about it, it wasn’t God.

Has Jesus ever grabbed you by the neck and tossed you around with his violent love? Do you really know Him?

Exodus 34:5 …on with the gospel.

He doesn’t give us a lecture of a kinds of sin. He is telling us in a way that the Hebrew piles up and shows that He forgives all sin.
He said he just read why the Bible is all about.

On one hand we have a God who forgives every type of sin and on the other hand we have a God who punishes every type pf sin.

He always asks Bible college students how many years they spent studying the attributes of God. I know ask you as a pastor how many years you have preached the attributes of God to your flock? The answer is the same. It’s not enough.

Go to Psalm 32:1 How blessed is the man…  Is this the language of a righteous God. He covers sin and the guilty go unpunished? This is the words of an u righteous God. How can this be?

He said that he met a group of students and told them the problem with the Bible. He told them God is good. Then one student said “what’s the problem with that? ” Washer said “you’re not! Now what is he going to do with you?!

You can’t understand the gospel unless you understand the attributes of God!
This country is not so much gospel hardened as it is gospel ignorant and its preachers are to blame!

2cor 5:21 the problem is that this text becomes something of a cliche after read over and over, but there is something here that made Calvin tremble. …He was a man who knew no sin!

What does this mean? Does it mean that Christ became blemished? No. It means the moment you believe God, you are right with him. Justification doesn’t only mean that you are right with him but that he treats you as you are right with him…
..and the guilty are not only guilty, but they are treated as guilty. The Son was on the tree and all that was on that tree was treated a guilty.

Men tremble at words like sin and curse. We hear the word curse and think “oh, its like curse”.. no! It is the labor of the preacher to explain what it is to be apart from God. Cursed!

Galatians 3:13

I’ve turned the Beatitudes around and applied the curse. The opposite of blessed. Like these – (he read the beatitudes and added the following at the end of each verse)
Divine wrath
Miserable and wretched
Condemned without pitty
Disowned and disgraced
(I didn’t get then all but you get the gist of it.)

Lets relate the verses to Jesus with curses as he was on the cross.
Why have you forsaken me? God responds the Lord smites you. He send curse upon hoist. Cursed shall you be. Cursed shall thou be going out. Cursed shall thou be in the city etc… let all the curses come upon you.

When the gospel is preached, we don’t hear these things.

He told angry pastors who wrote him to get his take during the Passion of Christ hoopla that he was more angry over their preaching than over Mel Gibson’s take on the passion.

There never has been one moment in any of our lives that we have loved God with heart soul mind and strength. We have never loved him the way He ought to be loved.

If men are coming to hear your expository preaching then let your expository preaching be damned.

They should be coming to hear your expository pres hi.g to learn about Christ.

There has been only one son of God. Only one obedient servant. And he was treated as guilty upon the cross even though he was completely sinless and completely innocent. He was smites by God and took the film cup of YHWH wrath.

Everyone who says “I am blessed” never says I’m blessed because he is cursed.

Church websites show their beautiful community but not the beauty of God.   I’m sick of seeing your slick haircuts and your clothes trying to attract the youth and I have to go 10 pages deep to find God.
(He said the pastors would change their websites before he said that)

His favorite author is John Flavel.

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