Giving Thanks

O Lord, remember not,
How I once stood.
Before mine own reflection,
Worshiping what I thought was good.

Long did I look,
For life’s answers I sought.
Only emptiness grew,
Only death was I taught.

I saw death as inevitable,
A hopeless situation.
Laboring for self in this life,
This was my salvation.

Grabbing hold of my sin,
Oh, how it was glorious.
Accepting my flesh,
How I felt so victorious.

One day without warrant,
My vision re-arranged.
God’s perfect Law came,
My reflection was changed.

My victory was over,
As I clearly saw.
How black my heart was,
Against God’s holy Law.

So what was my answer,
I fretted with fear.
Understanding the wrath of God,
My destiny was clear.

But then came the Son,
With His Gospel of grace.
Crying for help,
As I fell on my face.

Introduced to the cross,
Where Christ died for my sin.
Raising me to new life,
From the old I was in.

Oh, forgive my sins,
And accept my belief.
Then my soul was at ease,
An eternal relief.

Oh, Lord I give thanks,
For Your undeserved grace.
You gave me new life,
That I may finish the race.

An undeserving son,
Thankful always.
Sanctify me, Oh Lord,
Help me walk in your ways.

A great sinner am I,
A greater Savior is He,
Thank God for my salvation,
Praise Him eternally.

Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.


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