GLAAD Spins Louisiana Poll Claiming Robertson Family Out of Touch

In light of the recent controversy staring Phil Robertson and A&E, GLAAD ( Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), is claiming Duck Dynasty’s Robertson family is out of touch with their fellow Louisiana citizens. GLAAD quickly spoke out against Robertson’s comments from his GQ interview. Now the the group is inaccurately using a Louisiana poll against the Robertson’s.

Their headline reads Vast majority of Louisianans support LGBT legal protections. The author, Alexandra Bolles, cites a recent Louisiana poll stating that:

Despite Robertson attempting to pass off his anti-LGBT sentiments as objective and theologically-rooted, it seems that the people of Louisiana would beg to differ.

How, exactly, do the people of Louisiana differ with Phil Robertson? Bolles then cites Matthew Patterson of Equality Louisiana to answer the question.

“Based on poll numbers taken as recently as late November from a highly respected educational institution, it seems that the Robertsons do not represent the views of the vast majority of their neighbors. Equality is a mainstream value in Louisiana.”

Louisiana Equality actually has a page with the poll numbers, but Bolles also began her article with a summary of the polling results. She wrote (emphasis in original):

  • 89% of participants said schools should protect gay and transgender students from bullying and harassment
  • 93.7% of participants said people should not be evicted or denied housing because they are gay or transgender
  • 89.3% of participants said employers other than churches or religious organizations should not be able to fire employees because they are gay or transgender

Now, for the life of me I cannot find in the GQ interview where Phil Robertson claimed gay or transgender people should be bullied, evicted or denied housing, or fired from their jobs. In fact, I agree with what Robertson said in the interview about homosexual behavior being sin and I also agree with the majority who answered the above poll.

The Robertson’s may be out of step with their Louisiana neighbors, but the poll cited does not prove that to be the case. Ironically, Robertson was all about equality in sin for both homosexuals and heterosexuals.

The first question in the poll is especially interesting.

Should employers other than churches or religious organizations be able to fire employees because they are gay or transgender?

Ironic that GLAAD was glad (pun intended) Phil Robertson was suspended by A&E, yet seemingly has no problem with this question excluding religious organizations from discriminating against gay or transgender people. Should it be assumed by their silence that they are okay with such discrimination of churches?

Phil Robertson never sought to fire anyone because of their sexuality. He was merely expressing a personal, biblically-based belief. Yet, GLAAD was more than happy that A&E essentially fired Robertson.

Equality, indeed.

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p.s. I was glad to read that Robertson family respond as they did including that they “cannot imagine the show going forward without our patriarch at the helm.”

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1 navychristian December 20, 2013 at 7:17 pm

This whole thing is a mess.


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