Golfing for God Mission Update

Yesterday, I had the privilege of playing in the Sandy Springs Mission 5th Annual Golf Challenge. It was a great time of golf and fellowship. Thankfully, the weather was pretty good and the heat didn’t wipe us out. The Chick-fil-a sandwich for lunch really hit the spot!

Although I had a great time, raising money by playing golf doesn’t always make sense. Yet, for the past five years this golf outing has been vitally important to keeping the Mission running throughout the year. This year’s golf challenge has brought in over $20,000 so far with more pledges on the way. Success!

The folks at the Mission are grateful to all of the individual and corporate sponsors who helped.

The highlight of the golf challenge was not the golf or the money. The highlight were the two young ladies who spoke to use afterward. These young ladies – ages 14 and 15 yrs. old – both came to know Christ through the Mission.

Praise God!

The young ladies shared that both of them have been involve with the Mission since first grade (one of them is even in Beta Club). They continue to be part of the Mission by helping the young children through tutoring, mentoring, etc. It was great to hear their testimonies and to see their excitement when talking about how the Mission has changed their lives.

I’m looking forward to next year’s golf challenge. I pray God continues to bless the Mission so that through it He continues reaching many children and their families with the gospel.

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