Gospel Everyday: God Help Us Honor You Publicly

This isn’t a post directly about Justice Sunday, but some various thoughts spurred from some of the recent political activism. We’ve had two JS’ so far that are to work through the church to get the word out to get the right moral judges appointed. This has been done inside the church buildings with those who don’t have the gospel. I believe this causes confusion to the outsiders looking in as well as those who are doctrinally weak sitting in the pews. My focus isn’t soley on this particular subject at the moment though.

We publically, nationally promote getting the right judges in place. Fight for displaying a replica of Ten Commandments to a point that a whole movement is made out of it. We fight for keeping “Under God” in the Pledge. We fight to keep or put prayer in public schools. Articles and books are written to try to persuade people that the founding fathers of this country were Christians or that this country is a Christian nation. Some worry that our ability to practice our faith freely is in danger. Or that the Bible may be banned. Why is this were our focus seems to be publically? Are these actions really going to cause real change? If so, change to what end?

Let’s say we get to display a replica of the Ten Commandments in any public place we want. We get the right judges. We get “Under God” permanently in the Plege and prayer permanently in school We get everyone to believe this is a Christian nation founded by Christians. We already have church services broadcast nationally on TV and radio. I can’t help but think of the passing comment,”Hi there, unbelieving friend. You might be on your way to hell, but atleast you get to see a Ten Commandments statue everyday! Have a nice day.” We get all of this and now what? What changes? Does this cause the unregenerate to be less unregenerate? I understand that it’s nicer to live in a community that has proper moral laws. One that makes it easier to live and raise children with the least amount of offensiveness to battle. Again, to what end?

My point is that I live in the Bible belt. How much display of individual faith do I see? None is pretty close. I don’t see people praying over their food in restuarants. I am sure it’s there, but I’ve just not seen it. You’d think that will all of the people funding and attending these evangelical political movements that I’d see more in the Bible belt. Also, add in the percentage of the country that are supposed to be Christians and still nothing. I’ve been in mostly baptist churches and people are not doctrinally informed. Some of those same people would talk about how terrible Roy Moore not being able to display the Ten Commandments was. I know a man who has been at one baptist church for about 40 years and until about seven years ago he thought that the King James Version was inspired because King James was in the line of King David. The problems we need to address start inside the church. Outward political moral band-aids don’t even start to solve our problem.

The evangelical churches aren’t making disciples. Why can’t we get a national rally together to promote the gospel and discipleship in our churches? Let’s rally to stop the individual filibustering of his or her own public prayers. To encourage churches to teach their members how to live and defend their faith. Rally to have parents actually pray with their kids every night. To even cathecise their kids. This would be the best starting place. We could call it Gospel Everyday. I wonder how many would come out to Gospel Everyday? Would we be able get a national broadcast? Would we get theological and political superstars? I’m sure we’d get some of the theological stars.

One vote for Gospel Everyday.


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1 Mary Magdaline August 16, 2005 at 11:03 pm

Make that two votes.

2 Russ August 18, 2005 at 5:46 pm

Hey Markus, 😉

The problems we need to address start inside the church. Outward political moral band-aids don’t even start to solve our problem.

I guess my question would be why do you assume that those who seek “political moral band-aids” are attempting to solve the problems of the church through these “band-aids”? Can you point out any Christian who has said or indicated that his political efforts are directed at Church reform? Cuz if so I am right there with you in disagreement.

And secondly, and most importantly, why can’t we attempt government reform (not speaking to degree or how it is done, just the principle of having the freedom to do it) *at the same time* we are endeavoring to reform the church?

Just trying to understand where you are coming from. 🙂



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