Gospel Then Morality: Lesson From Abortion Counseling

What can Christians learn about the Gospel and change from abortion counseling?

I recently attended a fundraiser for Cobb Pregnancy Services (CPS). It was a great night of fellowship and celebration of what God is doing at this organization. A young pregnant lady gave her testimony of how God used CPS to convince her to return to Christ and keep her baby. Great news, but she spoke of having a boyfriend not a husband.

Do not misunderstand. Praise be to God! She has come back to Christ, is keeping her baby and getting future plans in place the right way. However, she is not the issue. The issue is how she was counseled to keep her baby. Think in terms of the Gospel, morality and political activism.

These three items are fine for Christian involvement, especially evangelism. Some (many) times though Christians get the process a little backwards. Correct morality and political views often get the primary emphasis while the Gospel becomes secondary. Consider the abortion counseling in the above case. The young lady was not told that she first must marry her boyfriend and get her life in the “correct” order before considering keeping her baby. This would actually encourage an abortion so that another pregnancy could then take place in its proper order.

The conversation would sound something like – “I’m sorry. We do not want you to have an abortion, but since you have not done things in the proper order of marriage, sex, pregnancy, etc. you have to start all over and get right for God.” It is a good thing that this is not the counseling process that takes place in these situations. The person is met where they are sins and all, given the Gospel and then motivated to true change through Christ.

Person + Gospel = Change

People do not get right with God based upon proper moral order, etc. God transforms sinners making them right for Himself. This is not to say that Christians should not fight for what is biblically proper for a better society. But this only changes some laws and actions not people. The fight for a moral society must be grounded in the Gospel.

The Gospel is the reason for not aborting a baby just as it is the reason for working for both moral and political change. When the Gospel is assumed and unspoken the Christian offers nothing more than a personal opinion. If the person(s) who is presented with the Gospel rejects it, they will at least know the true motivation is not based on change for the sake of change. They will know it is based objectively on the Person and work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Sinners do not put on clean clothes so Jesus will meet them; Jesus meets them to give them clean clothes.

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