What a Great Christian Testimony?

Christian testimonies can be powerful. They are often used in powerful ways to share the gospel.

Imagine someone gave you the following testimony about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“You may be someone searching for truth and answers. The gospel of Jesus Christ has them. Regardless of your background, your lifestyle, or your current belief system, the gospel of Christ is for you, and you can accept it wherever you are. The truths found in the gospel of Jesus Christ will change your heart and give you the courage and strength to make good and needed changes in your lifestyle and behavior. The gospel is not for those who have already reached perfection, but rather for those who are imperfect and seek the change that will make them more like Jesus Christ. The gospel of Jesus Christ is for all of us….The gospel is for all because Christ has already redeemed us all. The next step in our salvation comes in our individual acceptance of this truth and in our willingness to let His grace change, cleanse, and empower us.”1

You might think – what a great Christian testimony!

But what if I told you that testimony is from a Mormon rather than a Christian?

The above testimony is a great example of why theology and discernment matter. A Mormon testimony has (mostly) all the right language – the right words. Mormonism also has the right, outwardly moral lifestyle.

Even so, good Berean Christians know that Mormon beliefs are not Christian. If the above testimony was given, most Christians would probably ask which church they person belong to, etc. Once the Mormonism was discovered the testimony would no longer be accepted. The Christian would not anxiously call their Sunday school teacher to share the great testimony they heard.

Ironically, Christians have no trouble discerning the testimony of the average person, but not when celebrities are involved. Given the influence of celebrities, it would seem that more discernment should be exercised; not less.

Seems a good Berean would exercise caution in immediately accepting the testimony of celebrities simply because they claim the name of Christ. Whether that testimony is from musicians known for vulgarity or from famous personalities known for wholesome lifestyles, Christians still need to be Bereans.

It seems we ought to consider the fruit (Matt. 7) and the gospel that is given (Gal. 1).

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  1. The Gospel of Jesus Christ Is for All by charlotte. A testimony from mormonsbelieve.org.
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1 Michael Kampff September 21, 2013 at 7:10 pm

Great post Mark. Discernment is critical, and it’s important to note that it isn’t casually attained. It requires knowledge and wisdom, which is only gained by being fully devoted to seeking His face – to enter into a constant and never-ending *relationship* in which we seek to know Him and His will through His word.
Did you have a specific celebrity in mind in the latter half of the post? Or did something trigger those thoughts? Just curious…
Love reading your work.

2 Mark Lamprecht September 24, 2013 at 9:32 am

Michael Kampff Thanks for the encouragement. It’s possible that I have certain celebrities in mind who triggered my thoughts. 🙂


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