Great Night: Don’t Waste Your Life Concert

It was an awesome night! We took some of our youth group and they really enjoyed it. One of my pastors even attended who is a few generations removed from the hip-hop era. It was a good night of Christ-centered music and fellowship – it was the Don’t Waste Your Life Tour.

The Don’t Waste Your Life Tour Atlanta took place Saturday night August 29. The artists accomplished sharing their music and, more importantly, sharing the Gospel. As Sho Baraka expressed the music and its content, the quality of the night’s music was excellent and the content Christ-centered.

The diversity of the crowd certainly showed the cross-cultural reach of these artists. In attendance of approximately 1800 people, one could find ages ranging from 6 to 56. Not only was age a diversifying factor, but race was also. The number of black and white folks in attendance was very balanced. It was the type of unity one would hope for in day to day life. A unity not based on cultural differences and disagreements, but a unity found following Jesus Christ.

The evening started with a video of John Piper of whose book by the same title the Tour is based on. In the video he was preaching on not finding one’s identity in the material things of this world. Instead, one’s indentity should be found in Christ. As the sermon ended the DJ even ‘scratched’ John Piper’s words which was pretty amazing. All of the artists preceded to rap together on stage to start the music.dwylconcert

Then came the individual performances. Each of the artists, Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii and Flame, gave their testimony of how Jesus changed their life. Even the DJ had a few minutes to show his skills. He is a world-class DJ who is actually foregoing money and fame to further the Kingdom of God through Christian hip-hop.

Sometime during the beginning of the show there was an accident involving some of the lighting. Something from one of the lighting assemblies fell and injured two people. Before his individual performance, Trip Lee stopped and offered prayer for those who were injured. Many ‘amens’ of unity could be heard throughout the room. This was yet another reminder of the real reason for the gathering.

The last set ended with all of the artists performing on stage together just like the beginning. Though a few songs were not the last thing they shared.  Sho Baraka preached a sermon sharing the Gospel. He called for anyone who had more questions or may have made a profession of faith in Christ to stay and talk with the people wearing Blueprint Church shirts.

Some Christians might be discouraged that the attendance was small in comparison to what a secular hip-hop concert would have attracted. On the contrary, they should be very encouraged since Jesus changed with world starting with only 12 Apostles.

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