Help Needed for Local Atlanta Mission

Dear Readers,

I need your help!

On November 21st, I’m going to join 30 other men and play in a golf tournament in Atlanta, Georgia. This is not a situation where those with money pay for an overpriced round of golf and a chance to miss work! It is, however, a charity event, where we hope to be amazed by what a group of people working together can accomplish. You can be a part of this effort by sponsoring me in the Sandy Springs Mission Golf Challenge.

What this mission does

Sandy Springs Mission ministers to children in our community by:

  • after-school programs (designed to help increase the literacy rate among low-income families)
  • helping these young people learn to
    – read
    – write
    – communicate effectively (to help them thrive and succeed in our society)
  • sponsors a summer camp for these children (for more productive and fun ways to spend their summer hours)

What about the Gospel?

Over 50 children in the summer of 2008 came to faith in Christ at Sandy Springs Mission. This type of ministry could not happen without the support of sponsors like you. For more information, go to and see the power of this ministry.

Bottom Line

This golf challenge is designed to help Sandy Springs Mission provide the funds necessary for that kind of critical support. I really believe in the ministry provided by Sandy Springs Mission, and that is why I am playing in this event. My goal is to challenge friends like you to sponsor me for any amount whether is be $10 or $500, through which I hope to raise over $2000 for these great young people.

A Simple and Straightforward Request

Would you consider sponsoring me by filling out the enclosed sponsor form and returning it to me? It’s really amazing what a few people pulling together can accomplish.

You can download the pledge card here and email it to

Thanks for your consideration!

In Christ,


P.S. After the event, you will receive a letter telling you how I did and where to send your sponsorship check.

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