Help Needed for Overlooked Alabama Tornado Victims

The recent tornadoes that ripped through Alabama left several devastated victims. Unfortunately, over 200 of those victims died and most of the survivors are now rebuilding their lives. As far as I know many of the tornado hit areas received national or regional news coverage.

I am writing today about an area that did not receive much news coverage.

There is an area in Alabama named Clifton Corners which is around the Fort Payne and Rainsville areas. The above picture was taken minutes before Clifton Corners was hit. As I understand it the area got some local news coverage, but I do not even recall hearing about this area from the local Metro-Atlanta area news sources.

They could really use your help.

A good friend of mine named Greg London spent five to six years of his life helping and leading in the rebuilding of Lakeshore, MS in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. During that time Greg connected with hundreds of churches and thousands of volunteers. Rebuilding Lakeshore took  over his life for that time and though his home is in the North Metro-Atlanta area he mostly lived in Mississippi. He has since set-up Rebuild Foundation, Inc. which is a non-profit company that assists in disaster relief and rebuilding.

Can you help?

Right now, Greg is working with Rainsville First Baptist Church, a Southern Baptist Church, in Rainsville, AL. There are teams of volunteers coming and going from churches, colleges, etc. If you would like to schedule a time to come and work either with a group or as an individual they could use your help. They can also use donations to help the rebuilding of the lost homes and such.

If you want to get connected click CONTACT, fill out the form and I will get you in touch. Below are some of the pictures sent to me of some of the tornado damage.

Thanks for your prayerful consideration.

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1 Joshua Stevenson July 1, 2011 at 10:15 pm

Hi Mark, I am a volunteer coordinator with Greg. Just want to let you know we are also working with Henagar Baptist Church. they already have a distribution center set up, their paster lived across the street from the store seen here – his house was destroyed. They are working with other members of the larger DeKalb/Jackson county area and have just formed an organization for long term disaster relief and rebuilding. We will be partnering with them looking forward. A lot of work is still ahead of us. Thankfully we now have teams from all over calling up and July will be really busy for us. God is good and He’s working here. We’re going along for the ride now watching Him run things.

Keep us all updated, thanks

Joshua Stevenson

2 Mark July 2, 2011 at 3:38 pm

Josh, thanks for the update and additional information. Please tell Greg I said hello. It sounds like things are going well. Praise God.

3 Ranee Roberts July 14, 2011 at 9:09 pm

You are correct, the picture of the tornado was taken about 3 1/2 minutes before impact where photo was shot. The back passenger window of the van in the picture was blown out, but other than a few bumps survived otherwise intact. The portion of the building that you can see did not survive the impact. I know all of this because I’m the crazy nut who took the photo. In our immediate area we had 11 of the 35 deaths in the county, one who was about 40-45 yards away from me. The portion of the building I was in was completely destroyed with the exception of the small corner I was in. I don’t remember exactly how soon after I met Greg, but he was the one thing that Red Cross did for our area. I guess Greg ran into a guy named Craig who sent him towards us. Greg said he had done some things in Lakeshore, MS and that he could help us. Lots of people said they could/would help our area. Greg is one of the few who kept calling, and kept coming back. The building I was in when April’s fury came was a business, I didn’t lose the life I had spent building, but so many of my neighbors, customers, friends did and I am so grateful that Rebuild Foundation, (my addition,) Alabama Chapter, has adopted our little spot. He and all the people I have met, from Pam who exudes a loving spirit, to a gal about 18 whose name escapes me that I watched swing a sledge hammer(that was about as big as she is) for about 30 minutes straight, to so many many others have helped bring a sense of hope to us. Thank you for letting your readers know about all he is doing.

4 Mark July 15, 2011 at 1:02 am

Thanks so much for stopping by and giving more of the story of what happened in your town and what’s happening to rebuild it. I’m glad Greg has been helpful out there and that things are moving forward. I can’t imagine the exhilaration you felt when taking that picture of the tornado. Thanks for stopping by. I will continue praying for you all.


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