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Book deals. Still some great sales at the Huge Gospel Coalition Kindle eBook Sale! and check out the free Kindle eBook James Bannerman’s Church of Christ: Outlined and Abridged with Study Questions. And though I’m not sure about the author, this free Kindle book looks interesting – Christianish: What If We’re Not Really Following Jesus at All? Also, check out Answers to Pastors’ FAQs by Warren Wiersbe.

Not Baptist enough. Apparently, some Baptist Colleges Can’t Accept Baptist Theologians.

Conferences. In Metro-Atlanta area – Coming up: Johnny Hunt Women’s Conference!

Book review. Tim Brister reviews and recommends Thom Rainer’s new book Review: I Am a Church Member.

Giveaway. Thom Rainer is giving away a copy of his new book at Friday is for Freebies: I Am a Church Member.

Quitting. Jason Helopoulos explains Why Pastors Quit.

Papal humility. Tim Challies cuts through the Papal Bull and explains why The Humble Pope is not so humble.

Racism. Russell Moore explains why he doesn’t like “Accidental Racist” by Brad Paisley and LL Cool J.

Monotheism. Larry Hurtado tackles “Early Christian Monotheism”.

Mormons. A Mormon commenter claims he is also a Christian in comment #18 in the Duck Dynasty Inspired Question on Baptism and Salvation post.


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