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Top Weekly PostDuck Dynasty: Some Clarity on Baptism

Open theismDallas Willard and open theism.

SGM LawsuitAnswering Some Objections I’ve Gotten About the SGM Lawsuit.

Southern BaptistsFor the Propagation of the Gospel.

ThinkingCritical Thinking Versus Utopian Thinking.

MarketingThe Truth about “Secret Sauce” and Other Marketing Wonders.

Driscoll and TribalismMark Driscoll, Tribalism, and the Church and Open Letter to Mark Driscoll (2013).

Grace TippingSteak ‘n Shake server receives an over 7000% tip.

Erotica & the BibleWhat’s the Difference Between Erotica and Song of Solomon?

Radical LegalismRadical Christianity: A Call to Legalism or a Cause to Live?

AllegoryAdam and Allegory.

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