Hollywood and the Gospel

ScrippsNews has a short interview called The gospel according to Stephen Baldwin.

The article starts 

Actor Stephen Baldwin (youngest of the acting Baldwin brothers) has become an impassioned Christian after living the wild Hollywood lifestyle. In his New York Times best-selling book, “The Unusual Suspect: My Calling to the New Hardcore Movement of Faith” (September 2006), he explains how his life turned around. 

I read the article and think, “Is this the best we’ve got in Hollywood?”  Then I wonder if more people in the church think like this than not.  The church is full of clichés such as “the Lord told me”  “I feel lead” or “just listen for His voice.”  And what exactly do those things mean?  I’ve even heard people say, when challenged on a teaching, that “we prayed about it and this is what we feel God told us.”  Well, that’s not how the Bereans did it, but please tell me why you “feel” this way?  I say that to say that Baldwin’s expressions aren’t unique to him.

There are many folks who say things and assume a meaning and never explain.  I do believe this comes from a lack of discipleship in our churches.  Stephen Baldwin would do well to go and be discipled and learn Scripture.  Maybe he can get together and learn a thing or two from Kirk Cameron.

See, as long as Baldwin and folks who don’t seem to have studied Scripture give the kind of experential defenses he gave there is no real threat to Hollywood.  Because one’s experience is just as valid as another’s.  If Jesus is simply the way because of your experience and you can’t answer what happens to non-Christians when they die then there isn’t much to worry about.

I am glad Stephen Baldwin has come to faith in our Lord and I am glad he has atleast some sort of pseudo-dissedent voice in Hollywood.  I hope his voice grows stronger as his faith grows stronger.  I fear though that he would not be around Hollywood much longer at that point.

I know many times we hear “What if so and so big & famous comes to faith?  Can you imagine what that would do for the faith?”  Well, that might be wonderful, but Christ didn’t seem to historically work that way.  He started with 12 ordinary men as opposed to rich and famous men.  And no matter how big and famous so and so is who comes to faith it is still a work of the Holy Spirit that people believe. 



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