How Do You See Other People?

Apparently, the “Get Service” video below has been around since 2007 or so. I saw it for the first time yesterday. It offers an interesting perspective on self-centeredness and thinking about other people.

As a Christian, this video hit home for me in light of the gospel. For example, driving everyday in Metro-Atlanta offers a buffet of frustration from inconsiderate and illegal driving – if I choose to eat from that platter. Unfortunately, some days I eat well to my own sinful demise. I can’t control other peoples’ driving or anything else for that matter.

But I can control myself and how I think and react to other people.

The video sort of illustrates where I’ve been moving theologically in my Christian journey. Not that my theology has changed, but the issue is how that theology works itself out in love for God and other people. Not that the video is perfect, but neither am I. However, I’ve asked myself for a while now just what does a living faith look like.

I’ve wrestled with God over the question of living out my faith as He continues to destroy my pride and humble me through serving others. There will always be a degree of sympathy that Jesus has for people that we Christians will never imitate for others. Many times though, we don’t even strive to imitate Jesus in sympathy or empathy when trying to understand others.

Sometimes I think: If I love God because He first love me as shown through the gospel, must I first love another expressed through the gospel before they will first love me?

So how do you see other people?

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1 Jenny Elaine December 3, 2012 at 1:26 pm

Great question. Honestly, sometimes I grumble and under my breath ask God how in the world could He have such patience with beings such as ‘them!’…..yes, them. Then I rarely get by without also seeing how impatient and unkind I can be, and AM many times.


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