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Lately, I’ve been thinking more about ways and opportunities to share the Gospel. And I do mean verbalize it with actual words that don’t begin and end with “Why don’t you come to church?” I’ve been lamenting my past and potential future short comings in this area. Sure, sharing the Gospel isn’t necessarily “easy” but it sure is simple. It all my thoughts and prayers about the whens, wheres and others’ possible perceptions of me I often forget that I should be so greatful that I can even so easily share the Gospel. Here in the USA I can speak and blog and communicate the Gospel as clearly as I am able without being shot dead the way our brother in this story was.

Convert Christian Killed in Kashmir Valley
Pattan, Nov22 (ANI): A Christian convert, Bashir Ahmed Tantray was shot dead yesterday by unidentified assailants in Pattan District’s Mamoosa village.

And then the man cannot even get a burial in the name of Christ for which he died.

His last rites, however, were carried out according to Muslim rituals, as family members feared being ostracised.

How thankful I am to live where I live, to be able to proclaim the name of Christ openly in both word and deed. I certainly wish the American christians would encourage local evangelism in the way international persecuted evangelism is encouraged. It seems that our freedom has become a detriment to us. We are so free that we do all we can for ourselves, yet so insecure in our freedom that we don’t do all we can for the Kingdom. We feel so free that we do not have to evangelize.

I am thankful that I can even write an entry about this issue.


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1 kletois November 30, 2006 at 8:30 am

I thank the Lord for Bashir. May the Lord have mercy on many more people who are slaves to the false god Allah and his prophet.


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