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The internet can be used for good, bad, stupid, indifferent, etc. like many things in life. The more sinful people get involved with these things the more we mess them up. Please, don’t look around the internet. Take my word for it.

Funny, we still cannot stand in God’s way.

God sovereignly works through the internet where Christians have various levels of interaction from fellowship to prayer to sharing the Gospel. What is interesting about the internet is that, unlike early Christianity where New Testament letters took time to reach their intended audience, most internet communication is instant. This is usually a good thing.

Recently, there have been a lot of prayers and applied theology shared online. I’ve added a few prayer requests to my prayer page, but it has really been on blogs, facebook and twitter where people have shared and prayed for each other.

I just want to point out a few recent places of encouragement where prayers have been have been shared and theology applied for some very tough areas in life. These are wonderful testimonies of trusting God.

  • My Heart is full…I am Thankful – Matt Chandler reflections prior to surgery today where he has a good portion of his right frontal lobe removed. He has a heart that is filled with gratitude and hope.

These are wonderful testimonies of trusting God. Please feel free to add more below. I’m sure there are many out there. These in particular though have weighed on me.

Grace to you.

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