Interview: ThaKidd Jopp on His Letter to Lecrae

ThaKiddJopp (Rickey Joppy) recently released the hip-hop song My Letter to Lecrae (listen below). Joppy’s song was written out of concern for Christian rapper, Lecrae. However, some folks are concerned about Joppy’s motives or possible missteps in writing the song.

So, this Saturday, April 13, 2013 at 7pm EST/6pm CST, Rickey Joppy will be on His Word His Way radio show with Saiko Woods to explain why he wrote the song to Lecrae.  Follow the link to tune-in and even call-in with your own questions and concerns.

The Interview

Mark: I want to make it clear to the readers that you embrace Lecrae as a brother even though you have concerns about the direction of his music/ministry. Yet, you’ve still gotten some negative reactions to your song. What reasons have people given for their negative reactions?

ThaKidd Jopp: Well, some told me to read Francis Schaffer’s book on the arts. Others have told me that he’s reaching out to unbelievers. Some have simply just called me a Pharisee and a hater.

Mark: Have you found their reasons valid?

ThaKidd Jopp: No, I haven’t found any of their reasoning valid. When I opposed the question as to why is he collaborating with “Worldly Artists” they were in able to provide answers and some were even shocked that he was. Quite a few of them were unaware of this matter.

Mark: You express in your song that you can’t relate to Lecrae’s music as you once did. What, in your opinion, is different about the content of his music today than in the past? Do you have any explicit examples you can share?

ThaKidd Jopp: Please don’t get me wrong. Crae has “watered” his content down quite a bit in which I understand him doing for the simple fact of his “methodology”. He is trying to engage the culture that may not know who God is and he wants to bring more relatable issues to them in hopes to open their understanding. I don’t agree 100 %, but I also don’t knock him for it. I kind of understand it. What I don’t understand is his collaboration with artists who, in the public eye, clearly live a life contrary to our belief and, most importantly, the infallible word of God. It goes against what we stand for.

Mark: Have you had many agree with you who do not want to speak out as you say in the song? If so, why do you think they remain silent?

ThaKidd Jopp: Yes. Their reasons are Lecrae’s fans, they warn how they crucified Jovan Mackenzy. They feel that Crea has the support of the more mainstream Christian rappers and that going against Lecrae is like Jeremiah going against Zedekiah.

Mark: What would you say to those who believe you’re just having a personal crisis of conscience; therefore you should prayerfully remain silent?

ThaKidd Jopp: My conscience is clear and I’ve been praying about this for the last two years. Most think my song was released on impulse, but they fail to realize I have had this song for almost two years. I have been praying the whole time.

Mark: Being a Christian rapper yourself, what sort of biblical discernment do you suggest Christians use when listening to Christian rap?
ThaKidd Jopp: Is this artist giving glory to Christ? Not every line needs to present the “Fullness of God” but the central theme to each song should still be Christ centered. If it points you closer to the artist and not Christ, the motive is often times quite clear.

Mark: What is your position on a Christian separating his or her faith from the music they produce?

ThaKidd Jopp: Ahh, that doesn’t sit well with me. Hip Hop is one if not the most powerful music mediums that communicates a person’s worldview. Because Hip Hop is powerful then why not communicate the Glory of Christ through it?

Thanks to ThaKidd Jopp for taking his time to answer a few questions about his open letter to Lecrae. I pray a fruitful dialogue ensues. And remember, “Iron sharpens iron,  and one man sharpens another” Proverbs 27:17 (ESV).


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1 Douglas Kofi Adu-Boahen April 12, 2013 at 6:33 pm

I find it hilarious that folks have been pushing Schaeffer’s Art and the Bible as though Schaeffer would be in support of watering down the Gospel for cultural acceptability…

2 Real Tartan Gambit (@Royaelty) April 12, 2013 at 7:45 pm

I like the interview and wizh artizt could alwayz come out ta clarify their intentionz and what they did, and ya, ‘Crae’z fanz are alwyz againzt any1 who haz anythng 2 say about hiz muzik, and I dnt think datz a good thng 4 chriztianz, nobody wntz 2 be told anythng no more even if itz 4their OWN good, they call you a hater…#shame

3 Xoria7 April 13, 2013 at 8:50 am

thaKiddJopp is excellent at quoting the bible, but acts differently. He’s probably using this controversy to get fame. He got 6000 followers on twitter, and has been pushing for attention from John Piper, MC Jin, and others who would otherwise not mention him. All I see is flesh, not spirit in this. Be careful.

4 Xoria7 April 13, 2013 at 8:52 am

I also doubt he read all 500 comments on rapzilla on it. There is no logic in what I’m seeing here and I’ve been following Lecrae’s music as long as anyone.

5 Ryan Abernathy April 14, 2013 at 8:15 pm

The most telling part of the song… “I may not know you in person…” Exactly. You don’t know and so you’re trying to use a shot at a brother who is making a difference in the world as a come up for yourself. LeCrae’s albums, theologically, from first to last are the strongest on the market. Period. Anyone questioning his cred is doing so for the wrong reasons.

Better check yourself “ThaKiddJopp” Respect your elders. Quit trying to make a name for yourself at someone else’s expense.

Big ups to Crae to working to make a difference.

6 MiC105 June 20, 2013 at 5:24 pm

lacrea need to be careful….


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