Jesus and The Hooters Girls

Click on the link above and check out Russell Moore’s latest commentary. I think my favorite quote is this one:

What would it mean if our churches stopped encouraging our own teenage and preteen daughters to dress like Hooters Girls? What would it mean if we insisted that our young girls insist on being treated with the dignity with which they were created? What if fathers and brothers and uncles took seriously the command to guard such dignity, even to the point of turning away from buying someone else’s daughter as a “product” on the cover of a sports magazine or a fashion catalog? What would it mean if our senior adult ladies took time to share the gospel and a cup of coffee with the young woman who thinks all she has to offer is a tight T-shirt and a miniskirt?

Let me know what you think, I would love to hear your thoughts on this commentary.

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1 Howard Fisher May 11, 2005 at 7:30 pm

“And the Hooters Girls are just one in a long line of men and women victimized by the culture of sex-as-commodity. Where is the compassion for the cruelly named “porn stars”—many of whom spend their hours of the screen in a heroin-induced, self-loathing depression?”

I agree that people in sin, even girls who think they are free to show off their bodies for money are truly slaves. Consider this though. Many young women desire to use their bodies to enslave those who are drawn to pay them. Who is making the money? If the girls are, then they have us right where they want us. If merely the resaurant, then they are truly slaves of their desires (slaves either way).

In fact, there is a new rising star, country singer from Scott City KS. She is not the greatest singer, but she can dance and show off her….

The game is ancient, men use power for sex, women use sex for power. So who is enslaving who?

2 centuri0n May 13, 2005 at 12:01 pm

Here’s what I want: I want anybody who’s reading this blog to spend the next 10 days thinking about this challenge, and then to come back and post their thoughts here.


How can you personally witness to the girls at Hooters the effectively demonstrates the Gospel?

Appeals to the sovereignty of God are cop outs. Here’s the rubber and the road, and we can see the slavery to sin. How do we present the Gospel to them so they will hear it?

3 Mary Magdaline May 14, 2005 at 2:02 am

Excellent article! More churches should address the issue of modest dress. It’s very disturbing to see the clothes they are selling to little girls these day. I hate how accepted it is, and the influence it has on our children. “But so-and-so gets to wear stuff like that.” These little girls don’t have a clue what they are saying about themselves when they dress like that. Their parents should though. If they look like they are for sale at that young age, what are they going to be (or not be) wearing as they get older? I see children even younger than my 12-year-old daughter who look like they are dressed to go to a bar–or worse. Parents take a firm stance on teaching your child to dress modestly no matter what the other kids are wearing. Yes, it sometimes means going to different stores because it’s hard to find clothes that cover your child’s body. Yet it will be worth it when your children are adults and have grown to want to dress modestly. Mothers especially need to watch what they wear. You’re going to have a tough time telling your girls that they can’t wear miniskirts when you have a few of your own.

The answer doesn’t just stop there. Guys–stop looking! It’s an embarassment to your wives and your children. Yes, they both notice. Do you tell your wife she looks beautiful in her modest outfits, and then “check out” women wearing skimpy clothing? Uh, no, you’re not being sly about it. This is hurtfull and disrespectfull to your wife. It also sends a mixed message to your children. Don’t want them to be Hooter girls when they grow up? Don’t oogle at Hooter girls, and don’t make snide jokes about them. Don’t want your son to marry a Hooters girl? Teach him to respect women, while also teaching him to keep his standards Godly. You are setting an example, so practice what you preach and keep your eyes and your jokes to yourself.

Parents, your children will respect you for it, and also respect themselves. Ok maybe not today when you are saying no to the hipster jeans, but someday. Sigh. I hope.–>


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