Jim Wallis and Richard Land Debate Morality and the Deficit

The video topics break down as follows:

  • Why the budget is a moral document (02:34)
  • What’s the real cause of the deficit? (05:04)
  • Debating taxes for the wealthy and entitlements (08:14)
  • Jim: The poorest shouldn’t bear the brunt of balancing the budget (03:03)
  • Does baby boomer retirement make means-testing necessary? (05:11)
  • The parable of the British piano tuner (06:44)

Land and Wallis begin agreeing that debt is a moral issue. Wallis says that the spending on the poor is not the cause of the deficit and wants the faith community to provide a “circle of protection around the poorest and most vulnerable.” Land on the other hand says that the poor are one of the major reasons for the deficit.Land’s position is that some of the cause is single parent homes mentioning fathers who’ve abandoned their families with out much financial consequence which therefore increasing U.S. welfare services. Wallis answers does not agree with the numbers Land provides and claims that the deficit problem is caused by two unbudgeted wars and tax cuts for the wealthy.

And the debate goes on.

It is interesting how they both sound more like political pundents for their parties rather than religious leaders. I suppose it’s all in the vocabulary and how the debate is framed.

Check out the video. Who do you agree with and why?

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1 Joshua July 15, 2011 at 4:59 pm

Richard Land is more of a political pundit than “religious leader.” Jim Wallis…well, I have nothing nice to say about him.


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