Joel Osteen’s AIROST: Your Best Flight Now

Now this is too brilliant not to post here, especially, given my recent post about Joel Osteen which included his “confession”.

AIROST: Your Best Flight Now

This is my airplane: I am seated where I am supposed to be; I have what I’m supposed to have; I can do only what the flight attendants say I can do. Today, I will be flown above the clouds. I’ll boldly confess. My mind is alert; my heart is calm; I will never be the same. I am about to leave the leave the ground, take to the skies, and take wing on one of the best flights I’ll ever have. I’ll never be the same – never, never, never! I’ll never be the same, now let’s fly this plane!

First buy your season tickets seat in the pew at the Compaq Center Lakewood Church and then start building sky miles!  🙂

(HT: Lance for the post of the week)

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1 richfrogg September 12, 2007 at 9:40 pm

Don’t forget to cash in your frequent flyer coupons. 🙂

2 JoshHitchcock October 5, 2007 at 10:26 am

Hey Mark…I saw on a post on Ascol’s site that you are from Georgia. What part of Georgia. I am from Atlanta, and just recently moved to Louisville from a church near Statesboro. I am interested to see where you are at in Georgia.I am always interested to find reformed brethren in my home state.


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