John 3:16 Conference Charles Stanley – John 3:16 to the World

Dr. Stanley starts telling that he grew up in a pentecostal holiness church.  He wasn’t raised with the belief that we can have assurance of salvation.  He then came to understand in the substitutionary sacrifice of Christ.

Stanley doesn’t like this new move of talking about raising up “leaders” and such.  Instead we need to grow godly men.  He tells the story of his salvation and that he just loved Jesus.  He didn’t have a theological description.  He asks, how can you be saved and be lost?  Referencing those who don’t believe in eternal security.

The world is looking for a message of assurance that our God is a God of love.  He explained from a letter he got from a woman who didn’t understand this God of love.  So we all need a sense of love when understanding who God is.

When he first became SBC people were being saved and that was the focus.  We are in trouble today.  We have a worldwide enemy called Islam.  The one thing Muslims hate is that there is one way to God through His Son Jesus.  We have a war coming.  There are 80,000 Muslims in Atlanta alone.  He’s afraid because our churches are dwindling away while Mosques are being built in numbers.

We’ve done a poor job of disciplining people.  The world is listening and the world is watching.

At a rally back in ’88, he tells a story of praying and God telling him to do something.  That something was that God showed him an antenna on a roof top and that was how there were going to do it.  He’s reading about the Great Commission. It was the first time in his life that he saw it.  He asked a staff member if it is possible for them to reach people all over the world.  “Yes,” was the answer.  God spoke to his spirit that he was responsible to spread the Gospel all over the world.

So, he had a missions conference.  Something he’d never done before so he wasn’t how to do it.  He would never take any credit for anything that God has done through his ministry because he didn’t know how to do it.  Their ministry now in every country in the world spreading the Gospel.  God showed him how to get the Gospel to everyone in the world.

He needed to raise money for In Touch Ministries to go out to the world.  He’s never asked for money though and could not get his sermon down.  Then, God said to him: You can never ask for any money at any time for not one second.  You have to trust in God for everything.

This one simple act of obedience made the difference in his ministry.  He can’t lose because if he obeys God and he wins, then he wins. If he obeys God and he fails, he wins.  Listening and trusting in God is winning.  He gets all of his ministry together by continuing to trust God.

Today, 1 billion 400 million people can watch In Touch by television and it is solely the work of God.

He wants us to walk away with the truth not with all the things he’s doing.  He tells a story about selling his photography equipment to give the money to God as God told him.  He got the amount of money for the equipment the ministry needed.  Then, someone bought all of his equipment back and brought it to him.  Again, this illustrates simple acts of obedience.

The most important thing in your life is your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Stanley gives us a few more examples of God working in his life and ministry.

We need to get on our face before God and ask what God wants to accomplish in us.  We need to obey God and watch Him work.  Always be thinking of how to share the Gospel.  We sell God too short.  He’s willing to do so much more if we’re willing to obey.

He asks, “What are we going to do with all of these beliefs we talked about during this conference?”  He gave another example of talking with Tom Elliff about the thousands of Muslim conversions.  This current young generation needs to share the Gospel and has the means to take it to more people than ever.


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1 M Burke November 7, 2008 at 7:39 pm

What does it matter if we do ANYTHING? Stanley’s understanding of salvation doesn’t require obedience from anyone.

2 GhostofChristmaspast November 7, 2008 at 11:57 pm

How many special revelations from God has Stanley received?

Perhaps it would be wise if we *cough* obey the one that we already have *cough*….

Has he been through the restoration program yet? Bro. Johnny needs to get a hold of him…

3 Dr. James Willingham January 3, 2009 at 1:39 pm

Having heard Dr. Stanley preach in person a number of times and n tv many times, having read his materials over the years, having voted for him to be President of the SBC twice, I wish he had said something about what he believes about Sovereign Grace. The whole of the John 3:16 conference was totally one sided compared to the Building Bridges Conference which really had mixture. Seems as if Sovereign Grace gets short shrift even in the conference that gives a little favor to it. Of course, God ordained this. His truth is always on the scaffold and error on the throne. But while the latter struts its stuff, truth quietly and modestly goes about doing the will of God. Sadly, Truth often has to do that in spite of its poor advocates whose zeal frequently misrepresent what they love. Wisdom is a long and hard won goal, that is, the wisdom that is first peaceable, gentle, easy to be entreated, etc. The Founders (I don’t mean that organization but the fathers) would have understand, I think. A big ‘set to’ occurred in VA in the 1700s over the extent of the atonement. At the end of that they were reconciled, because they were so ashamed of themselves for having said evil things against each other whom they had fellowshipped with in the midst of the greatest visitation in world history.I mean how could brothers fall out? If we ever see that, then we will stop smiting one another hip and thigh. And it will end. God has promised to fill this earth with HIS KNOWLEDGE AND GLORY AS THE WATERS THAT COVER THE SEA (Isa.11;9;Hab.2:14; Ps.72:10). GOD SPEED THE DAY, is my prayer.


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