John 3:16 Conference Jerry Vines-John 3:16

Dr. Vines, as far as I can tell, is preaching the same message on John 3:16 that he preached at SBTS chapel earlier this year.  You can listen here: “The Inexhaustible Love of God” (John 3:16).  Since you can go and listen I may not say too much on this.  We’ll see.  From what I remember there is nothing contrary to what a Calvinist would believe in Dr. Vines sermon.

God’s love is global.  If you’ve not heard this sermon Vines goes through the greek and some historical understandings of love, world, God, etc.

He does mention that some hyper-Calvinists claim that “world” only means elect in this verse.  I’m glad this conference isn’t about hyper-Calvinism though.

Why church, planting, evangelism, missions, etc.?  Because God so loved the world.

God’s love is sacrificial.  Today we put the emphasis on emotion, but love is primarily a decision.  It’s a decision: you decide to love someone.  You can give and not love, but you can’t love and not give.  God gave His Son.

God sending His Son was a miracle as the only begotten.  And it absolutely does matter that Jesus was born of a virgin!

We have no way to describe that physical misery Christ went through on the cross.  No one ever suffered like Jesus did.  But there’s more than just physical suffering.  There is also spiritual suffering.  He quotes 1 John 2:2 that Jesus sacrifice was for the whole world.

He goes on to mention the Greek word pas, or all, and how it encompasses totality.  This is seen in 2 Timothy 3:16.  He quotes David Allen on pas.  Allen says that “anyone who believes” and is non-restrictive.  “Whosoever” is strongly emphasized here by Dr. Vines.  And to that I also say, “AMEN!”

Dr. Vines touches on systematic theology in that it is only an attempt to go beyond biblical theology.  And God will not fit in anyone’s box.

How does this saving faith work

Romans 12:3 – God has given every man a measure of faith.  He admits this is in the context of believers.  But we can see in our daily interactions that we all exercise faith or trust in others everyday.  “Could it be that saving faith is a faith that is lifted to a higher level?”  How?  By the Holy Spirit convicting the world of its lostness.  Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.  He references 2 Thess. 2:13 showing the balance of when we believe we have eternal life.  He uses the serpent on the pole to say that they only lived after they looked.  Here Vines is touching on regeneration coming after faith.

That’s about all I have for this session.  Since you can listen to the mp3 above there isn’t much I have to clue you in about.

Besides, I’m tired!  🙂


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1 ABClay November 6, 2008 at 11:51 pm

Hey there,

Thanks for taking the time to do this.

The whole anti-intellectual thing is tiresome. It is almost as if they don’t want any Christian to read any commentaries (except their own of course).

The comment about systematic theology as putting God “inside the box” just doesn’t make sense. How bout, “systematic theology doesn’t put God in a box, it grounds our theology in the Biblical record”?

I have heard some interesting things about the response of the SBTS chapel attendees to his sermon that you linked to. I could only bring myself to listen to about 20 minutes of it so I can’t comment on this particular sermon.

Again, thanks for doing this.

Grace and Peace..



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