John 3:16 Conference Welcome Message by Johnny Hunt

As I blog through the John 3:16 Conference I will try to follow the schedule.

Jerry Vines introduces the conference and Johnny Hunt.  He says this conference is designed to be a biblical and theological response to five point Calvinism.

Johnny Hunt gets a show of hands and about 90% of the attendance are pastors and the rest lay people.  He starts with reading Psalm 119:33-40.  He emphasizes the “teach me” and “make me” in the verses.  We come to hear and obey the word of God.  Not intellectually, but to learn and apply it.  God grants the content and the understanding.  Ending well is the result of living well.

v. 33 – a prayer for education.  The psalmist is teachable.  The quality of the man of God is that he is teachable.  Exemplify what you exhort!  What a difference it would make if we did something with the word of God rather than just listen.  To that I say, “Amen!”  He says that while everyone’s blogging I’m going to stay in my community and share the Gospel.  There are too many lost souls out there and we need to stop arguing so much.  Summing up this section: 2 Tim. 3:7 – Always learning, but not coming to the knowledge of the truth.

We learn through life experience not just what we’ve read in a book.  Then there’s wisdom which is a gift of God.  Illumination which gives us the context of discernment.  We’re enabled to see the sense in things.  We learn with our minds and are motivated with our hearts.  We lack committment.

v. 35 – prayer for direction.  Pastor Hunt prays that prayer that God would “make” him walk His path.  Mentions Romans 7 and Paul desiring God’s will yet falling short.  Aren’t we grateful that God changed our “want to’s.”  The Gospel changed Hunt’s life.

v. 36 – a prayer for inclination.  Give me a pattern for my life.  Your covetousness has become idolatry.  He tells a funny story about a masked robber who fobbed a church’s offering.

v. 37 – wanted inner strength to keep focused on the Lord.  The Psalmist acknowledges the reliance on God to keep him focused.

v. 38 – wanted God to give him realization to who God is.  Isaiah 6 reference.  Seeing God gave a great realization who we are as sinners.  When God gets hold of you we see ourselves for who we are and God for who He is.  “If it weren’t for the grace of God I’d be a crispy critter.”  If whatever doctrine you hold to doesn’t energize you to share the Gospel then it’s worthless.

He mentions that he can say to anyone that God loves them and died for them.  And very excitedly and loudly Hunt thanks God that he can say that!

v. 39 – We must keep continueal vigilence before the Lord.  Hunt quotes Spurgeon – but for the grace of God there go I.

v. 40 – a prayer of aspiration.  We long for God’s word.  This is the mark of maturing of a Christian.  The Psalmist asks to be kept alive in God’s precepts.  If we have a better handle on the word of God we ought to live better than those who don’t.

Do we live in light of the judgement seat of Christ?  We need to pray and lead with the end in mind.

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