Johnny Hunt Women’s Conference Day 1

I had previously announced the upcoming Johnny Hunt Women’s Conference with the theme – What Makes a Godly Woman?  Proverbs 31.

Below is the first day’s recap of the conference. The notes are in rough draft form.

First presentation: Pastor Johnny Hunt

Johnny starts talking women who win. We need men to be the prophets, priests, and kings in the home that God has called them to be. But often the women are an important part, foundational, of their leadership.

Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint. (Proverbs 29:18a ESV)

It’s now how we start, but how we finish that will be remembered. Provision in Christ’s lordship. The best and easiest people to work with are those who remain teachable. He still believes that his best days are ahead of him. He read that 38,000 Americans took their life last year. You get bored. We didn’t marry someone because they were boring.

Paul presses toward the goal pursing Christ. It’s a live long pursuit that every single day he has an opportunity to be more like Christ. We learn to enjoy our past. We need to learn to endure some of our past. The NT teaches that suffering leads to glory.
We learn through the difficult times in our marriage and God uses it to grow commitment. These times drive us to each other and if they don’t then we were never really committed to each other. He has had difficult times with his wife in the past 42 years. Must continue to envision the future together.

Provision as it pertains to stewardship. He doesn’t have time for high maintenance relationships. Some of his best friends are busy and does not talk to for six months at a time. A pastor ought to be a servant and see how they can wash others’ feet.

Security is the woman’s greatest need. A man’s greatest need is respect. Many men are insecure, therefore the cannot provide security for whom they lead. Because you can give what you don’t have.

Johnny explains that he knows who he belongs to and who he answers to – Jesus Christ. His security is in Christ; not what others think of him. Secure people release others and allow them to go for it. Secure people empower and appreciate others. Insecurity keeps people from having an honest conversation.

What do you do with an insecure person?  He gave an example of a self-proclaimed insecure multimillionaire showing that success does not lead to security.

1. Be vulnerable. He claims he is shy. Fear was never intended to paralyze you. You can’t wait until you get beyond your fears. He fly’s all over the world and he’s afraid of flying.
2. Be accountable. Tell someone some of the struggles in your life and give them permission to be honest with you. Ask your spouse how you’re doing.
3. Die daily. Allow God to change you. He doesn’t spend time asking God to change his wife, but to change him.
4. Find your security and identity in Christ as opposed to your position.
5. (I some how missed 5.)
6. Praise recognizable achievements in others. Let them know
7. Allow others to get the credit by giving it.
8. Admit fears and confusion.
9. Find a mentor. He still meets with an 80-something year old mentor.

Respect – man’s greatest need. Men need to be validated, but honest validation. Janet, his wife, believed in him before he did. She affirms him often.

Proverbs 5 meets 1 Cor. 13 – shows what lust will do vs. what love will do. He explains to the wives about their husbands that this world is full of temptation. He shares some pornography stats and that even women are struggling with it today.

Pride needs to meet humility. Pride is the most insidious sin in the Bible. Pride caused Lucifer to fall. When pride comes then comes shame.

Regardless of how much you grow God wants to keep you dependent. When prides meets  humility it leads to a balanced life, a disciplined life, an obedient life, and a life of wisdom.

Covetousness needs to meet contentment. As a result of being satisfied Christ meets all of your needs.

Second presentation: Anita Renfroe

She starts off singing one of her parody songs with the hook, “I’m not high maintenance, I’m just low tolerance.”

She makes some jokes about sanitary toilet covers. She joked about how thin they are and that it was men to made them because had a woman invented them they would have removed the middle piece. She finished saying now we will remember her every time we use the bathroom.

She made a lot of great jokes including some on skinny jeans while talking to the younger women. She also sang a few parody songs.

In speaking of her husband, she dropped this great line: “I used to sleep with my pastor, now I sleep with my road manager.”

Third presentation: Francesca Battistelli

Of course, Battistelli is a Christian musician and there’s not really anything to blog about. I mean – there’s good music and all, but….

I’m just not good at typing out the music notes and am only proficient with the treble clef.


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1 Pamela Jeffers Crowe November 4, 2014 at 6:50 pm

When is the next Women’s Conference?

2 Mark Lamprecht November 4, 2014 at 8:08 pm

About a year from the last one. 🙂

3 Pamela Jeffers Crowe November 4, 2014 at 8:18 pm

LOL – okay. I tried to search it on FBCW’s site, but couldn’t find it. I’ll keep an eye out. 🙂

4 Mark Lamprecht November 4, 2014 at 8:57 pm

I haven’t gotten emails about it yet but probably in the next couple months.

Keep an eye out that this site

5 Pamela Jeffers Crowe November 4, 2014 at 9:02 pm

OH, thank you!!!


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