Johnny Hunt Women’s Conference Day 2

I had previously announced the upcoming Johnny Hunt Women’s Conference with the theme – What Makes a Godly Woman?  Proverbs 31. Yesterday, I blogged day one and today is day two of the conference – the final day. I also want to mention that worship music was lead by Shelly Johnson.

Below is the second day’s recap of the conference – in rough draft.

First presentation: Andy Andrews

He begins talking about speaking and listening using kids as an example. We begin encouraging them when they are young and slowly slide away from encouragement as they age with humor mixed through out.

Andrews says he is a noticer. (Like his book The Noticer I reviewed.) This is is gift or talent. He would see and hear what everyone else sees and hears, but it meant something else to him. I.e. He jokingly states that you can’t poke your eye out, but you can poke it in.

His ADHD kicks in, but he gets back on track explaining how he spoke to Congress. As an Alabama congressman introduced him not long after Alabama’s championship. Someone heckled him with “Go Notre Dame.” He told the ma that in the South we have real football teams with real girlfriends.

Things would just seem different to him while growing up. Until 19, when he lost both parents. He lost his mother to cancer and father to a car accident. He became homeless for a time. He still lives in the same town as he did while he was homeless.

He says he met an old guy named Jones. Jones is the guy written about in The Noticer. He shares some stories about Jones. One story about when he was walking down around the beach one day where he lived under the pier. As they crossed this small bridge over a pool Jones pushed him in the water.

Why did Jones push him? Jones wasn’t always going to be around to help him. So, everyday for the rest of his life someone is going to push him into the pool and he needs to figure how he is going to react. One day, Andrews would look back on his life and everything good and bad will impact him depending on how he reacted.

Jones said to be careful with thinking because you can’t always trust what you think. When we bump against something we know we don’t really explore it any further, but move to something else. The way we think limits the potential God has given us.

We’ve all been wrong about something we were sure about. The possibility exists that we might be wrong about something we are sure about today, but we may not know what that might be.

He wants to give us something to help make our lives what God wants them to be. He asks, “Do you really believe in God? Really, really, really, believe?” Do you have a real, personal relationship with Jesus Christ? That God wants the best for you and your family? What do you consider the best?

People have a really, really tough time getting beyond what they manage to believe. Goals might be useless because people lie about them. I.e. sales people and such. (He speaks for a lot of corporations.) They often come up with a number just to please others. They might say 40 when their belief is really 30.

When asking people what the best house, for example, one can imagine they often limit their thoughts to within their own circumstances. But what about God’s imagination? How great is God’s imagination? Do you really believe that God wants the best for you? How does God’s imaganation stack up against His wanting the best for you?

Many times, Christians cast their eyes down and mumble “that’s just the way I am.” We need a will that is stronger than our emotions because God has created us this way. We can chose to act in a certain way. We will change in a moment the moment we answer the phone in the heat of an argument. This is willful changing for someone we don’t even know.

As a society, we have become obsessed about how people feel. He’s worked with companies who change policy for 10,000 people based on how 22 feel. He shares the story of how one public school rejected the cougar as a mascot.

The truth is that no one really cares how we feel. They care how we act. The economy is based on how we act not how we feel. It’s about how we act and what we do. As Christians, nothing makes him sadder when he sees how we act. This is why certain areas in the Bible are important to be followed when it tells us how to act.

The Bible is unbelievable if we challenge ourselves to act; to go beyond what we know. I.e. Proverbs 19 about disciplining a child. Our actions are important. When dealing with kids we must train them biblically on how to act.

Sometimes we don’t train our children well on how to think. We need to be more transparent and explain why we believe certain things. And admit when we don’t know why we believe certain things. Most children grow up without the ability to discipline themselves when we don’t explain why, for example, you don’t wear a hat or pants that way. Too many parents just want to pick their battles and leave certain cultural areas alone.

Then, what happens is that the kid does not know how the real world works when they get older. The kid goes out into the world with no idea why he can’t get a job. He then blames mom and dad.

He goes on talking about how he and his wife are different. When he asks Jones about the differences his answer is that if they were the same then only one of them would be necessary. His wife is a canary and he is a puppy dog (no idea what he means here). She needs someone to listen and he needs “good dog” affirmations. So they don’t always understand each other.

Johnny mentioned liking Andrew’s The Heart Mender book. He writes books that Christians can give to their non-Christian friends that will actually read them. This opens dialogue and most people come to faith through friends sharing. His books are about God’s principles. Gravity, for example, works whether you believe in God or not.

Every thing we do matters. Ever move we make or don’t make matters. He mentions the butterfly effect and the studies done on it. This effect works every time. He gives examples of the butterfly effect speaking a little about Henry Wallace and Norman Borlaug. Then, he goes back to George Washington Carver and his influence on Wallace. Andrews goes back in history explaining the influences on Carver on back.

The differences we may make in people’s lives are yet to be seen. What we do this afternoon matters. What we do tomorrow matters.

Second presentation: Pastor Johnny Hunt and Mrs. Janet Hunt

They try to dialogue daily. Janet normally travels with Johnny. They also try to date weekly. Being a man of intergrity is of most importance to him.

She is the only one speaking that is not a professional. Her job is behind the scenes helping Johnny. She is thankful she has a man of integrity.

Johnny shares a past story of when a professor came to hear him preach. He got praise from the professor even though he was very nervous. When he first got into the ministry he was told to be careful because women would be attracted to him. They would not be attracted because of his looks (knocking down his ego), but because he is a preacher.

Janet would speak to Johnny warning him to be careful around certain people. Janet has always been there to help and warn her husband. They prayed Eccl. 3, the threefold chord. A man can get in trouble by himself and can get much help with his wife at his side. Temptations can come at any time.

He mentions how some will say they say a moral failure coming when someone falls. He asks if they warned him because we are our brothers keeper. He depends on others praying for him. He studied how Adam and Eve fell. Jesus was tempted in the same way Adam and Eve were. He mentions areas of faith, hunger (and something I missed….)

Johnny grew up in poverty. When God began to bless him he had to put up guards. The only antecdote to materialism is generous giving. Janet grew up in a different kind of family. Their different environments were a challenge to Johnny as they grew in marriage.

Janet grew up in a stable, but non-Christian family. But her grandmother was a Christian who influenced her and brought her to church as a kid. This lead to her being active in her grandchildrens’ lives.

Johnny did not come to Christ until two years after marriage. They were in trouble during that time. They weren’t making it. Janet had a miscarriage and people told her it would not work. She was very unhappy and realized he was not the kind of man she wanted. She didn’t want to give up and have everyone tell her they told her so.

So, she started hounding him to go to church. They found a church were the gospel was preached and eventually the Lord saved Johnny. Johnny speaks on responsibility with having little. References Luke and explains that God will not bless with much someone who is not responsible and content with little.

They went through a rough time when Johnny was not resting but thought he was Superman referencing the S on his shirt. The S, he found, ultimately meant stupid. This was during the time when he was diagnosed with cancer. He felt he had no more to give. It greatly affected their marriage and they became very vulnerable.

They went through intense counseling for three months. It was so bad that they had quit Woodstock in their hearts. They felt they could not give anymore. They started the process of checking their retirement with the annuity board. It takes two to marry, but only one to divorce.

People often ask what Janet does and she does the big job of taking care of Johnny. She mentions that she washes his underwear.

In order to make the marriage work, Janet had to realize that God put them together. They had a role-reversal of sorts. Johnny grew up doing female type things like ironing while Janet was a handy-man type. Johnny liked to talk, but not listen well to Janet. He realized he needed to listen more while she needed to let him talk.

He has a deeper appreaciation of Janet after all they went through as she stood by him. They’ve been married 42 years. Tough times don’t have to destroy you. The valleys have been difficult, but they reveal the depth of commitment to each other. There are no hard feelings today, but more love and respect.

This tough time also helped develop boundaries. Now, every invitation Johnny gets goes through Janet, ministry assistant, and sr. staff. Janet has a hard time sharing Johnny with everyone. It was tough for a while when women would ask her to take a picture with her husband. Janet struggled with the public attention, but has gotten better.

Johnny has learned to love and support Janet in her hobbies. She loves racing; he doesn’t. But he goes with her and tries to be passionate about what she is passionate about.

They went on to share a few personal stories expressing how they really are in love. Though they are really in love temptations still come. Song of Solomon 8:7,”Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it. If a man offered for love all the wealth of his house, he would be utterly despised” (ESV). When you love someone you work through it. You will say things you’re going to regret and do things you can’t undo. But we’ve got to understand God’s forgiveness or you will have some very difficult times.

Johnny explains that he got to meet his heros Billy Graham and James Dobson. Graham only wanted to show him one thing – Ruth’s bedroom. Graham explained what happened when she went to be with the Lord.

We can fail, but God’s love does not fail. Alone time with God is very important. He shares what he does with his prayer journal which first includes repentance of his own sins. The difficult times will show where your heart really is.

The love of God anticipates new joys. They can think about the future in their marriage. Love magnifies forgiveness. The more we are forgiven the more we forgive. God’s love enables us to enrich. It will help you to endure when all else fails.

Janet closes with a story of Johnny when he first started preaching. She started noted all teh grammatical mistakes he made. Finally, he challenged that she was not getting anything out of the sermons because she was so focused on his mistakes. To this day she does not take notes.

They are still very much in love because of God’s love despite all the ups and downs.

The conference closed with a hilarious parody song to “Under the Boardwalk” mentioning all of the words Johnny has made up over the years.

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