Just got back from visiting with Dr. James White

Mark and JamesWhat a wonderful weekend with great fellowship and bright sweaters. Saturday we received apologetic teaching against the Da Vinci Code and post modernism. Then, we had a some great fellowship over dinner at Pastor Randy’s house. Sunday morning arrived and Dr. White taught Sunday School as well as preached the sermon while our friend Colin(cds) played wonderfully on the piano. In Sunday School we learned ways to defend the Deity of Christ against Jehovah’s Witness’ using their own NWT. Then Dr. White gave a great sermon on John 6. We finished the day off with a luncheon at the church. I wish we could have stayed for the Lord’s Supper that evening, but we have to work tomorrow so we had to leave. It was great meeting Colin and seeing Dr. White and his daughter Summer again.

It was a great weekend of fellowship. It’s amazing how when Christians come together with other Christians that have never met how much of a family bond is shared. It’s great to be united by the blood of Christ.

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1 Gayla February 19, 2005 at 3:33 pm

True enough – that is it is great to share the common bond of Christ!

(Also, I posted in the Age of Accountability blog. Just found you today, and that is a particular interest of mine!)


2 Gayla February 19, 2005 at 3:36 pm

I was just reading another one of your posts. I just blogged on the subject today (2/19). God’s sovereignty with regard to salvation.


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