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Well, this is probably one of the lamest blogs around. I really haven’t had anything interesting to write about lately, and no time either. But I think I will let everyone know what a great trip I had last week at the Ligonier Conference in Orlando, Fl.

A group from my church annually attends the conference, and this year it was stellar as usual. Speakers included R.C. Sproul Sr. and Jr., Ligon Duncan, Senior Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, MS, and the Education Pastor at the same church Derek Thomas, fan favorite John MacArthur, and lastly a first time speaker at Ligonier, Mark Dever. The theme of the conference was the 5 Keys to Spiritual Growth, consisting of Prayer, Bible Study, Worship, Service, and Stewardship.

What is so encouraging about this conference is the depth of teaching, and in my opinion, this is because of the speakers belief in the sufficiency and authority of The Bible as God’s Word. This was telling, as my friend and I marvelled at the readiness of each speaker to dive into God’s Word immediately upon entering the pulpit. Also enjoyable is a great time of fellowship that is always encouraging to me.

My entire group was very impressed with Dr. Mark Dever. He practically “stole the show” for us. Perhaps as Baptists we were happy to see one of our own do such a fine job, but his teaching on worship was wonderful in my opinion. Hopefully I can post some of my notes from the conference here soon. I especially enjoy the question and answer sessions, where the speakers answer questions from the attendees. These are really good opportunities to see what men who have dedicated their lives to God’s Word think about different topics that really run the spectrum of issues related to the Christian life.

I would recommend this conference to anyone who is able to attend. Lord willing I will be there next year. I believe the topic will be The Church: The Bride of Christ. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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