Lord Kill Me If I Don’t Preach the Gospel

So I’m driving. I hear “Lord kill me If I don’t preach the gospel.” What? Did I hear that right? Rewind! Again. Yep! That line really hit me. It made me think. Imagine singing that in church to the tune of Amazing Grace.

This was not from a hymn though. (Maybe we can add it somewhere?) “Lord kill me If I don’t preach the gospel” is the first verse in Lecrae’s song Go Hard from his album Rebel. Lord willing, I will be at the Don’t Waste Your Life concert this weekend hearing it live. That’s right, this not-so-old yet not-so-young white guy will be there.

So, this week I’ve been listening to music while driving rather than my normal geeked out theology podcasts. And don’t picture me as Michael Bolton in Office Space sitting in traffic listening to Scarface. I’ve been listening to Lecrae and Sho Baraka. I had the pleasure of interviewing Sho this week which was awesome.

I already knew the lyrics of these hip-hop artists were theologically solid. You’re not going to find any ‘God is my girlfriend’ songs as my friend Steve Camp puts it.

Instead, you will find verses like in my title. Or from Lecrae’s Change, “Now you got oprah on,thinking maybe she can help you out your hopeless zone.” Or Tedashii’s Make War, “Whatever the sin is we gotta go go go harder, By His grace no time to waste and just just just like there’s no tomorrow.” Or Sho Baraka’s 100, “Sometimes I see the wicked and I lust for their things, but then I see the Lord and I trust in the King.”

Not everyone is going to get the lyrics right away nor will everyone appreciate the sound. I get that. Since country music exists I really do understand! However, the target audience will like the sound and get the lyrics. I’m thankful these brothers in the Lord are out there reaching into a hip-hop culture of those who otherwise might be over looked.

I still can’t get that line out of my head. “Lord kill me If I don’t preach the gospel.” It might be a slightly different perspective, but what a thought. What a great reminder of our sovereign God who saves sinners through the preaching of the Gospel. A great reminder to preach the Gospel to ourselves and others.

For what it’s worth…


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1 drjameswillingham August 28, 2009 at 3:33 pm

What a reminder of how important our task is. Preaching the Gospel is the greatest task, challenge, duty, obligation, responsibility, calling, that a person could ever have. My thesis for the M.A. in American Social & Intellectual History was on the subject, “The Baptists & Ministerial Qualifications:1750-1850.” Why and How we preach is a two-sided doctrine like all the rest of the doctrines of the Christian Faith. In this case it involves education &/or illumination. Education simply means one has to study. Illumination refers to the direct gift from God. The two elements, poles, perspectives are held in a tension by the mind or create a tension in the mind which enables the minister to be balanced, flexible, creative, and magnetic. All of the truths of the Faith are like this, making every believer a well-rounded, wholesome, healthy, life-giving individual. Biblical orthodoxy in power is the theology of Sovereign Grace, the theology of the First an Second Great Awakenings and of the origins of the Great Century of Missions.I have been praying for a Third Great Awakening for 36 years, and this theological ferment going on now is the precursor of the answer to my prayers, I hope and pray. For this same kind of thing went on during the period of those other awakenings and of the missionary movement. Interestingly enough, we now have Primitive Baptists with missionaries. We also have the anomalies of some Missionaries Baptists and Primitive Baptists who polarized on one element or the other of the ministerial qualification doctrine and others, and we find them arriving at the same cnoclusions of no hell and no resurrection. The point is one arrived at it by education, and the other by illumination. We also have some Missionary (Southern) Baptists imitating some Primitive Baptists in no being evangelistic at all (if God is goning to save them, He will do it wthout our help). The two-sidedness of Christian, Biblical Truths does not work like the Hegelian and Marxian dialectics (those are destructive); the true way is constructive, edifing, uplifting, engaging, empowering, enabling. What more could any one want?

2 Mark Lamprecht August 28, 2009 at 11:15 pm

Brother Willingham, thanks for dropping in another comment. I always appreciate it.

God speed.

3 Daniel August 31, 2009 at 6:48 pm

That post title made me do a double-take when I saw it in my Twitter feed.

It is like two of Paul’s statements colliding in hip-hop lyrics: “For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” + “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (1 Cor 2:2, Phil 1:21)

I am thankful that your blog reflects such a spirit.

4 Mark Lamprecht September 1, 2009 at 8:31 am

Daniel, I’m glad the title did its job. 🙂 Also, glad you read rather than ignored the post for clarification.

Thank you for your kind words.


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