Lord’s Day 01/24 Jesus our priest

Many people offer up sacrifice, and they think that is enough; but the people of God they rest not only in the duty, no, nor in the spirituality of the duty, though that be counted a great matter: but they go one step higher, and so must you in all the duties you tender up to God, and that is, not only to be careful that your duties be spiritual, but you must tender them to God in the hands of Jesus Christ, and expect acceptance through him. When thou hast to deal with God in all thy approaches to him, be sure thou doest not omit the work of Faith, in laying hold upon Christ and carrying him along with thee; or else thy service will not be accepted. We know the sacrifices in the law, though they were never so good, yet they were not accepted unless a man brought them to the Priest, and the Priest he must offer up the sacrifice, and then it was accepted. Now what was that to signify to us, but Christ’s Priestly office : this is the very, work of the Priestly office of Christ, to take all our sacrifices that we tender up to the Father, and to offer them up for us: for we must not presume to offer them our selves; and though they offered a sacrifice that was never so good, yet if they did not offer it upon the right Altar, it was not accepted: so Christ he is the right Altar upon which we must offer up all our sacrifices to the Father; we must look towards the Temple, towards Christ, in all that goes from us unto God, Christening all in all for acceptation of our duties.

~Jeremiah Burroughs, The Saints Treasury, 1641.

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