Lord’s Day 07/18 About Sin

We argue endlessly over matters of religion and philosophy, about ethics and politics but each person must ultimately face the personal issue squarely: “What do I do about my sin?”

That I sin and that you sin is debated by none save the most dishonest of men. We sin. We violate each other. We assault the holiness of God. What hope do we have in such dreadful turmoil? We can deny our sin or even the existence of God. We can exclaim that we are not accountable for our lives. We can invent a God who forgives everybody without requiring repentance. All such avenues are established in delusion. There is but one who qualifies as savior. He alone has the ability to solve our most abysmal dilemma. He alone has the power of life and death. – Sproul, R. C. Following Christ. Wheaton: Tyndale House Pub, 1996.

Thankfully, we have the Savior, Jesus Christ, who has done something about our sin. Think about that while preparing for and while worshiping this weekend.

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