Lord’s Day 08/23 Holy Inability

What do we do to be holy? What abilities do we have to achieve holiness? None! It is Jesus who is holy. It is He who makes us holy. It is only because of Him and his work on the cross for us. As we go to worship this weekend here is something to think about from The Complete Works of Thomas Brooks, Vol 4, pages 241, 244. Think of your life before and without Christ. What could we do on our own to be pleasing to God? To be holy?

Object. We have no power to make ourselves holy; we are as well able to make a world, to command the winds, and to raise the dead, as we are able to cleanse our own hearts, or change our own natures, or sanctify our own souls ; and therefore, to which purpose should we be so strongly pressed to do that which we have no power to do to?

We have no power or ability in and of ourselves to be holy and pleasing to God.

Certainly all unholy hearts are spiritually dead, and till Christ, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, comes to roar over them, by uttering his voice in the gospel, they cannot live, John v. 25. It is Christ only that can quicken the dead. It was never known since the creation of the world that ever a dead man could make himself alive. Sin in dominion is the plague of the heart, 1 Kings viii. 38. Now as there is no disease so deadly as the plague, so there is no plague so deadly as the plague of the heart. Oh, this is a disease that none can cure but he who is the physician of souls.

Think. Has Christ saved you? Has He given you new life? How shall you worship and serve Him with this new life He’s given you?

Oh, go to God, and tell him that what he has commanded in some scriptures, he has promised to give in other scriptures, and therefore press him to make good his promises, that so you may obey his precepts.

Read God’s word. Realize His promises. Be grounded in them. Take comfort. Know what God has saved you from and for and rejoice.

Let us rest in Jesus as we worship.

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1 Nathan White August 22, 2009 at 2:16 pm

Dude- have you been reading my sermon notes for tomorrow night? 🙂

2 Peter 1:1-4 regarding spiritual growth/holiness: HIS righteousness, HIS grace, HIS peace, HIS knowledge, HIS power, HIS glory, HIS virtue, HIS precious promises, HIS divine nature…oh, and where are we? –>”escaped(ing) the corruption of the world through lust.”


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