Lord’s Day 08/30 Humble Joy

Below is an excerpt of the sermon A Penitent Heart The Best New Year’s Gift by George Whitfield. The humility that Jesus’ love brings when realizing no one deserves it is astounding. Can we really even begin to consider what He has done in dying for such sinners as us? Do we feel joy in our souls? Does the world really have anything to offer? Let us rejoice in the grace that God has worked in our lives.

Let the love of Jesus to you, keep you also humble; do not be high-minded, keep close unto the Lord, observe the rules which the Lord Jesus Christ has given in His Word, and let not the instructions be lost which you are capable of giving. Oh, consider what reason you have to be thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ for giving you that repentance you yourselves had need of; a repentance which worketh by love. Now you find more pleasure in walking with God one hour, than in all your former carnal delights, and all the pleasures of sin. Oh, the joy you feel in your own souls, which all the men of this world, and all the devils in hell, though they were to combine together, could not destroy. Then fear not their wrath or malice, for through many tribulations we must enter into glory.

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