Lord’s Day 09/06 Love Each Other

It’s Sunday morning and you have just whacked your alarm clock with a hammer. The alarm keeps buzzing. You continue wielding the hammer until the alarm clock is in 100 pieces. The alarm still will not stop! Finally, you awaken to realize that it was only a dream and it’s time to get ready for church.

Thoughts of Bedside Baptist cross your mind. It feels so good just to close your eyes as sleepiness calls you back. You begin to think of how God will understand. It has been a long, busy week. It is easy to tell the church folks you over slept.

Have you ever thought that it is not God, but you who goes home thankful and blessed after worship service? Have you ever thought that attending service is an act of love towards God and your fellow church members? It is one way Christians express love for each other. Christians need each other. We are a family. Let’s consider some thoughts from The Complete Works of Thomas Manton, Vol. 21, 1874, pages 90-91.

The impartiality of this love; we must love those without exception who are godly, whether rich or poor, prosperous or afflicted.

This reflects the type of love Christ displayed on the cross for undeserving sinners.

Whether rich or poor; for we must not have the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ in respect of persons, James ii. 1. No; if it be sincere, it must be love to all the saints, Eph. i. 15, to the meanest as well as the greatest, otherwise we despise the church of God, 1 Cor. xi. 20. Meanness doth not take away christian relations. There are many differences in worldly respects between one of God’s children and another, and in spiritual gifts some are weak and some are strong; yet we must love all, for all are brethren ; all are children of one Father, all owned by Christ; co-heirs not only with the richest and strongest Christians, but with Christ himself; therefore we should love them without respect of persons, yea, love them when no respect of our own doth invite us thereunto ; for love is not to be measured by our profit, but by a desire to profit others.

We should love them all, whether we be obliged or disobliged ; for in brotherly kindness we are not to mind our own things, but the image of God and the glory of God, and the good and benefit of others: Phil. ii. 4, ‘ Look not every one upon his own things, but every man also upon the things of others.’ Whether we are invited to this love by benefits or courtesies done to us, or discouraged by neglects, we are to consider our duty to people as they stand related to God, otherwise we know one another after the flesh, when we value men by personal respects to us rather than by what of God we find in them: ‘ If you love them that love you, do not even the publicans the same ?’ Mat v. 46. What singular thing do we ? We are monsters of ingratitude if we should do otherwise.

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