Lord’s Day 10/10/10 Christ is All

In preparation to worship with your church family this weekend, I offer some wonderful words from Jeremiah Burroughs to reflected on concerning contentment in Christ, that He is all in all.

If Christ is all in all, then let us bless God that ever we knew Christ, and that the great mystery of the gospel has been revealed to us. For otherwise we would have been without God in the world, and what would have become of us had not this grace of God in the gospel been revealed to us? Could it ever have entered into your heart? Certainly not, nor into the heart of any creature in heaven and earth. Therefore, blessed are your ears that hear the things you hear. Blessed are your eyes which see the things you see, and know that when you come to live under the ministry of the gospel, you enjoy the greatest mercy that you have enjoyed since you were born.

This shows how dear Jesus Christ should be to us. Oh, how we should delight and take contentment in Him who brings the treasuries of grace from the bosom of the Father and opens them to us. And He not only opens the mind of God the Father to us, but comes and lets out the treasure of God’s goodness to us. It was stopped before, but Christ opens the floodgates and lets the current of grace and mercy in upon us. Oh, how dear, then, should Christ be to us?
(Jeremiah Burroughs, Christ Is All In All, excerpt.)

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1 Victoria October 10, 2010 at 9:45 am

How dear indeed Christ should be to us. The whole focus of our life should be Christ and love for him. How could we spend any time contemplating what God through Christ has done for us, and not love him supremely. There are so few modern writers who can say things like these old puritans could.

I must sadly say that all the busyness and the noise and the techno gadgets of the modern world leave all of us too little time to just contemplate, meditate, and reflect on Christ. It leaves us poverty stricken in our souls. I have read of some of the Puritans who would walk out in the woods just to meditate on God and his Word the whole day. No wonder they could write this way.


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