Lord’s Day 10/24/10 the Gospel Mystery

…because the most comfortable thing we know in the gospel is that it is the will of God to save sinners. Mark what I say – if you knew all that God knows (which is saying something very great) but you not know that His mind and will were to save sinners, you would be undone; the knowledge of this is worth all the rest. To know that God is merciful in his nature is not enough. You might have known that and despaired, for it might have been said, “It is true, He is merciful in his nature, but the question is whether He will be merciful or not.” But He says, “I will have mercy”; this word is worth all the world, for this is the gospel.

Do you see, my brethren, the essence of the gospel? It is the mystery of God’s will; to know but simply that God will save sinners in the blood of Christ is the essence of the gospel. This is that which is essential to salvation. And you see too, that it is but a small thing to know that God will save sinners in Christ. How gracious hath God been! He has not required you to know all the hard things in the gospel – things that scholars know, and many believers who have large understandings – in order to be saved . But this is the kernel of all: God will save sinners. It is the mystery of his will. Do you know this? Has this truth taken hold in your heart?

Joel R. Beeke and Mark Jones, eds., A Habitual Sight of Him: The Christ-Centered Piety of Thomas Goodwin (Profiles in Reformed Spirituality) (Grand Rapids, Mich.: Reformation Heritage Books, 2009), 125-26.

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