Lord’s Day 1/6/11 Persuaded To Love

Let us be persuaded to love God with all our heart and might. O let us take our love off from other things, and place it upon God! Love is the heart of religion, the fat of the offering; it is the grace which Christ inquires most after, John xxi. 15, “Simon lovest thou me V Love makes all our services acceptable, it is the musk that perfumes them. It is not so much duty, as love to duty, God delights in; therefore serving and loving God arc put together, Isa. lvi. 0. It is better to love him than to serve him; obedience without love is like wine without the spirit. O then, be persuaded to love God with all your heart and might! To persuade to this virgin-affection of love. – Thomas Watson, A Practical Body of Divinity, 217. 1833.

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