Man of Steel: 20 Reasons Superman is Not Jesus

Ross McD over at Metro blogged Man of Steel: The top 20 reasons why Superman is Jesus. Some of the comparisons are silly and some are loose parallels. I get the comparison to Jesus which could be made in some sense anytime a singular hero saves the world. Life is filled with the creation, fall, redemption theme starting in the book of Genesis.

Man’s sinful passion is to be God. Or more so – to be better than God. Superman is not Jesus though he may be a super man; he is not the God-Man. Jesus did not need a cap, costume or a hidden identity.

So I bring you 20 reasons Superman is not Jesus.

1. He didn’t shave his beard.

2. His Father doesn’t have a beard.

3. He has all power and authority.

4. His Father is all powerful.

5. He came to earth willingly to save humanity.

6. He is eternally God.

7. He is God incarnate.

8. His adoptive father worshiped God.

9. He was born of a virgin.

10. He knew the world would hate Him.

11. But He still laid down His life.

12. He created water.

13. Still Betrayed everyday for money.

14. Willingly sacrifices Himself despite the evil of mankind.

15. Was 33 years old and eternal.

16. Mortal enemies with one more powerful than Superman.

17. He is the High Priest of the church.

18. Humbly took punches from Roman soldiers.

19. His willing crucifixion was more than just a pose.

20. Friends with sinners.

Bonus: Jesus created Superman.

Sorry, but as cool a Superman is, he just can’t measure up to Jesus Christ.

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1 Mike Devaney June 12, 2013 at 2:37 pm

All of today’s superheroes borrow heavily from the Gospels. None of them can measure up. I thought the Christopher Reeve era Superman movies strongly patterned themselves after Christ (especially II). The villians in that movie figured out that his greatest weakness was that “he cared for the people” so they attacked them. Hopefully this movie can be a starting point for further discussion…


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