Mormon Myths by Glenn Beck

As much as I appreciate Glenn Beck at times for some of his advancement of conservative issues, we still have a huge, eternal disconnect. The disconnect? Beck is a Mormon and I (though once RLDS) am a Christian. Yet, given the political landscape in the U.S., Mormons and Christians often stand side-by-side supporting a conservative worldview.

There is also concern at times when religion and politics mix to a point that political positions become the deciding factor for fellowship. Political partnering and agreeable morality over shadow the Christian gospel. Christians who hold politics and morality as near and dear may accept those of other religions regardless of theology. Yet, Christians are warned to be careful with their doctrine (1 Tim. 6:3), especially, the gospel (Gal. 1).

Given Glenn Beck’s influence with conservative Christians, it is wise to remind those who may be influenced by his Mormonism. This is especially the case since his influence continues to grow in certain circles and he has defended Mormonism on more than one occasion. Beck is a Mormon so I expect him to defend Mormonism when he sees fit. However, Christians may respond in kind and defend Christianity.

Recently, in September 2012, Beck had a special show on Blaze TV where he attempted to address particular Mormon misrepresentations – as he sees them. Well, Sharon Lindbloom over at the Mormon Coffee blog answered that special broadcast with Glenn Beck Perpetuates Mormon Myths.

Lindbloom addresses Beck’s following claims:

  1. Mormons practiced polygamy due to so many Mormons dying for the Book of Mormon.
  2. Mormons were forced out of “New York, Ohio, Missouri and Illinois.”
  3.  Missouri’s “Extermination Order” called for Mormon executions.
  4. Mormons are historically the only group to have ever been exterminated.
  5. Caldwell County, Missouri Mormon’s were forced to sign over property as well as pay for the war against them.
  6. Nauvoo was burned down by anti-Mormon mobs.
  7. Most of the Mormon men had died just prior to Mormons leaving Nauvoo.
  8. Mormons practiced polygamy to re-populate because too many Mormon men had died.
  9. Only 5% of Mormons practiced polygamy.

Lindbloom then explains.

In addition to sustaining long-held, faith-promoting myths so beloved by Mormons, Mr. Beck completely ignored the doctrinal — and darker — side of Mormon polygamy. He never mentioned that Joseph Smith claimed to have received a revelation in which Mormon men were commanded to take multiple wives, and wives were commanded to accept it. Mr. Beck didn’t mention men marrying women who already had living husbands (this fact would not fit with the assertion that polygamy was instituted for the care of women who had lost their husbands). He did not mention the fact that often, plural wives were not adequately cared for by their husbands and lived in poverty while trying to support their children on their own. Mr. Beck never mentioned that Mormon leaders taught polygamy was “was a necessity to man’s highest exaltation in the life to come” (First Presidency, “Petition For Amnesty,” December 19,1891).

Read the whole thing: Glenn Beck Perpetuates Mormon Myths.

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1 ChrisCoppenbarger January 24, 2014 at 2:14 pm

Something I once pointed out on the forums at when they were active was how similar Mormonism and Islam were. I got skewered by some who were trying to justify being able to support Mitt Romney at the time and this was right at the start of Glenn Beck’s growing popularity, so this was quite a number of years ago. 

Regardless, similarities:

Gold Tablets? check
Vision from angel in the wild? check
Charismatic leader who was a loner at first, but was able to band people together with their “vision”? check
Perpetuate terrorism in order to achieve goal of domination? check

I’ve been told those were myths, but I’ve asked people to do fact-checking. I’ve also been told that you don’t see Mormons perpetuation terrorism today, and yet I tell people to watch people attempt to leave the Mormon church and see what happens. 

Yeah, I’m not much a fan of Glenn Beck anymore. He was way better back when he was just on the radio.

2 Mark Lamprecht January 25, 2014 at 6:03 pm

ChrisCoppenbarger Very interesting comparison. I’ve read similar comparisons before.

3 JackL February 24, 2014 at 8:45 am

And if Beck is wrong about Mormonism, does it not follow that he might be wrong about his right-wing views?

4 Mark Lamprecht February 24, 2014 at 8:39 pm

JackL, I do not think to follows. We are all wrong about some things, but that does not mean we are wrong about all things. For your question to follow, it would seem that if we are ever wrong about something then we might be wrong about all things. I don’t think it is plausible.


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