Muslim-led Interfaith Service Unwelcome

Fox News reports.

A Muslim-led interfaith Thanksgiving service in Austin, Texas, was forced to move to another location at the last minute after a Baptist church objected to non-Christians worshipping on its property.

Apparently Hyde Park Baptist Church didn’t realize that “interfaith” meant different religions rather than different Christian denominations. When the leadership realized they essentially said “no” and definitely didn’t want non-Christian prayers promoted on their facilities.

I thought “good for them” and I still do. It’s their right to make that decision. But then I thought…what if the pastors asked for their own time to share the Gospel and the exclusivity of Christ with everyone at this interfaith meeting? Would that have been a better way to handle it? I’m thinking not. That may send mixed and wrong signals about Christianity. One of the most unloving things a Christian can do is pretend all religions are equal, IMO. Unloving towards God and your fellow man. People in the community need to know the difference which is the Gospel.

Now that this story has national exposure it may be time for a dialogue to take place. As the Fox story indicates letters are being written and the interfaith folks seem to be looking for understanding. This is exactly what should happen a public meeting to reach an understanding. Even in this free country we don’t always get these types of opportunities.

I think the pastors should agree to a meeting and explain the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help those seeking “understanding” to understand there is only one way, truth and life.

What do ya’ll think?


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