My Blogging Scholarship Essay

I recently asked my readers if they would consider nominating me for The Blogging Scholarship which, if won, would help me pay for seminary. I truly appreciate all who nominated me.

Thank you!

Today is the last day to submit a nomination or to apply for yourself if you’re a blog owner. I applied today and below I will share my 300 word or less application essay.

My Blogging Scholarship Essay

I started blogging out of frustration. I was frustrated about various theological issues in evangelicalism at large. I would write mostly to vent at first. As time went on, I grew. I grew in grace, wisdom and understanding. I also found out later while looking back just how poor my writing skills were. Eventually, those grew too. Blogging, then, has been a blessing.

The real blessing, however, comes from the private encouragement I receive. People have written to ask if they could quote a line or prayer I had written. How very humbling. Mostly, they write to thank me for what I have written. They express how my blog has blessed them in one way or another. Surprisingly, they encourage me to keep it up.

Somehow God has used my blog to benefit others which is ultimately why I blog. Not that this is always accomplished after clicking publish. Yet I desire to edify others. At the same time, when I fail in this area it is an opportunity for more growth. Blogging is truly a journey through which I pray for continued growth for the sake of the regular readers; and for the seeking soul who stumbles upon my site while looking for an answer.

Whether or not I win The Blogging Scholarship is not up to me. Either way, blogging will still be important and I will press on. It is merely another opportunity that blogging has brought my way. And I’m thankful for it.

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