My Wedding, Honeymoon & Theology

So my buddy centuri0n calls me at the office today. I filled him in on the wonderful wedding and honeymoon and told him about the church we attended the day after the wedding. I was reminded of how slack I’ve been in updating my blog. Thanks, buddy! I also see that centuri0n may get to have lunch with The Pyromaniac, Phil Johnson soon which I am sure will be a treat for both men. I’ve had the opportunity to meet both men though I’ve actually known cent for several years now online. I met Phil on the AOMin Cruise in 2003. I sat by him on the bus to and from the ship and chatted a bit with him…great guy. My wife (then girlfriend) was with me too. I certainly miss the late night theology talks we had on the ship. Anyways, on with my story though this makes some great filler for the blog which I have been too lazy to update.

So my wife and I drive from south GA to middle GA on our wedding day. We stayed an an historic house from 1903 that is now a bed & breakfast. It was very nice. We arrive and meet the one of the owners, the husband Kelly, who is very personable and a nice guy. I asked him just before we settled in if there were any churches in the area that we could attend in the morning? He said that we could go to First Baptist with him if we wanted, then asked what denomination we were and named off several chruches in the area. I said that I am Reformed Baptist and asked if First Baptist was an SBC church? He said it was, so I said that was fine and we would see him at the service.

We meet him for the start of the service and sit next to him in the pew. Very nice, friendly people there. One of the pastors and several others greated us. We told them that this was our first worship service together as a married couple. Service was about to start and Kelly leans over to me and asks me what the difference is between a Reformed Baptist and this baptist church? I explained that the differences aren’t huge as the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message is written to encompass my theology as well as others. Though, some people make a big deal out of it.

I told him that I am basically an historic baptist. Then I brainstormed really quickly and asked him if he’d ever heard of Charles Spurgeon? He had. So I thought to myself what the simplest way to explain to someone who doesn’t know theology well may be. Then, I said that you may consider me a “Charles Spurgeon Baptist” since that is the type of baptist theology I would most line up with. I thought that to be the simplest answer I could give that he would understand or atleast relate to.

I didn’t stop there though. Of course not! I had to mention the Reformation and Edwards, Whitefield, Carey and even Lottie Moon. I then mentioned Calvin’s name as well as Calvinism, but he had no idea. I thought that maybe since he was also a high school teacher he’d have dug into atleast a bit of theology. Not sure exactly why I thought that, but I was wrong. Then, the service started and our conversation ended.

I thought about our conversation and how I tried not to say too much, but wondered if I’d said enough in our limited time we had to talk about theology. The real suprise came when the pastor, Dr. Morris, preached his message on James 4:11-17 entitled Man’s Arrogance and God’s Providence. Dr. Morris went on to quote the WCF and Spurgeon. He touched on the Reformation about Luther, Calvin and Zwingli. I believe he even mentioned Calvinism and how John Calvin was the most influential and greatest theologian of the Reformation. My wife looked over and smiled at me several times as Dr. Morris preached. I thought he may mention the LBC too, but he didn’t. No problem though, he made his point and the very things Kelly said he knew nothing about were be touched upon by his pastor. Just what are the chances of that happening? Yes, it’s all about chance isn’t it? Anyways, I hope Kelly will get a chance to talk with his Dr. Morris about these issues so to clear up any confusion.

It’s amazing how God works in something as simple as this situation. Here I was fretting that I didn’t have time to explain things well enough when the pastor sounded like he’d give a fair explanation of reformed baptist theology. I will, of course, not forget the first place we attended church as a married couple. Nor will I forget this encouter.

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