Need Help Pronouncing Bible Words?

Have you ever come across words in the Bible that you can not pronounce? Maybe you were working on a lesson, a sermon, or just reading the Bible and a word throws you off. If you’re like me, you’ve got to find out how to pronounce the word or it will sit in the back of your mind the whole time. This is especially so if I’m teaching or preaching the material.

Well, this just happen to me while sitting going over my four sermons so I can preach them this weekend in Hustonville, KY. The fact that I’m actually scheduled to preach four different sermons in one church is a much bigger concern than whether or not I can properly pronounce a couple of biblical names. Those poor people…. I digress.

Anyway, while looking at my notes for Philippians 4, I wasn’t sure if I had the pronunciation for Syntyche and Euodia correct. I found this nifty site that was a tremendous help and I just had to share.

The site is TheBibleWorkshop which offers audio and phonetic pronunciation help. Check out their links for the two names in question. (I’ve included the phonetic pronunciation from the site.)

  • Syntyche (Phonetic Pronunciation: SIHN-tih-tshee)
  • Euodia  (Phonetic Pronunciation: yoo-O-dee-uh)

The next time you’re unsure of how to pronounce a Bible name or place, open up TheBibleWorkshop, find your word, and give it a listen.

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1 Linda Card January 2, 2016 at 2:54 pm

What a hoot to run into this blog. I was doing the January 2016 Gather magazine (ELCA Lutheran) and got stuck on two names – the same 2 names from Php 4 – Euodia and Syntyche. So I Googled them with the word “pronounce” and your blog came up. I hope the 4 sermons in KY went well. Thank you for the tip on The Bible Workshop. And I am now a follower of your blog.


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